Orest Kiprensky

Orest Adamovich was born on March 13 (24) on the Nezhinskaya manor. Now this northern manor is Nezhino village. Orestes was the illegitimate son of the local landowner Dyakonov, so he was recorded in the family of serf Adam Schwalbe.

Self-portrait, 1828

"Poor Lisa", 1827 - Karamzin's story was once a cult, so it is not surprising that Kiprensky wrote a portrait of the main character

In 1788, Orestes received his freedom and was enrolled in the Vocational School of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts under the name Kiprensky. He studied at the Academy until 1803.

"Vorozheya with a candle", 1830

Portrait of Sergey Uvarov 1815

Kiprensky lived in Moscow (1809), Tver (1811), Petersburg (1812), and in 1816-1822 and from 1828 - in Rome and Naples. In July 1836, Kiprensky married Anne-Maria Falcucci, for which he had to adopt Catholicism.

Neapolitan Girl with Fruits, 1831

"Newspaper Readers in Naples", 1831

Portrait of a dancer E. A. Teleshova, 1828

The artist died in Rome on October 17, 1836 from pneumonia and was buried there in the church of Sant Andrea delle Fratte. Over the tombstone stands a stele with the inscription: “In honor and in memory of Orest Kiprensky, the most famous among Russian artists, professors and advisers of the Imperial Petersburg Academy of Arts and a member of the Neapolitan Academy, Russian artists, architects and sculptors living in Rome, mourning the untimely extinguished torch of his people and such a virtuous soul ... "

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