8 of the best films of Martin Scorsese

Diletant.media decided to tell about interesting facts and quotations of the brilliant director about his own masterpieces.

The Departed

- I know Hong Kong movies. I felt that something they were doing was good, but I could not do it. I had to find my own way, and I think Bill’s script opened that way. I think in miniature, he described people: who these people are, how they behaved, what language they used - he summed it all up. The story of trust and betrayal, just put in context of the Irish Catholic world of Boston - akin to the people of the world, which he portrays. Both characters, and Matt and Leo, have a relationship with the character of Vera, but they never knew about it. Then add the character of Jack, and all these characters are related in a related way.

Time keeper

- I wanted the viewer to feel inside the film, as if he had fallen into a children's fantasy, into a magical, fictional Paris. Children perceive the world very specifically, they think out a lot for themselves, because they have not seen and know very much. 3D cinema helps the viewer return to this imaginary world of childhood. Special thanks to our operator Bob Richardson - he invented adding stereo effects with dust and snow to the film.

Mad bull

A quote from the Bible ("I know that I was blind, but now I saw the light") addressed to the professor from whom Scorsese was studying. This man died shortly before the premiere of the picture. Scorsese devoted the film to his teacher, indicating in the credits that he "helped him see the light."

Wolf from wall street

Margot Robbie admitted that once, while shooting a scene, she accidentally hit Leonardo DiCaprio a little harder than usual. After that, absolute silence reigned on the set, but then there was a deafening laugh, and Robbie was frightened that DiCaprio sued her and apologized, but he was impressed by her courage and asked to hit him again.

Shutter Island

“I’m a fan of the Dennis Lighane novels,” Scorsese said in an online interview. - Read all his books. In my opinion, in modern American literature there is no name more attractive than Leehan. And “Island of the Damned” seemed to me the most suitable for the film version. Oh, sorry I missed the Mystic River! I would prefer not to show evil at all, for that matter. But, unfortunately, without this it does not work: the evil turns out to be the other side of good. And without one there is no other. And in our time - even if we take the time of the “Isle of the Damned” action — good and evil were firmly sealed. United Moral qualities basically disappeared somewhere. And it turned out that there seems to be no sin. Because there is no “sinful measure” - try, understand what sin is when there are no righteous people left.

Gangs of new york

Screenwriter Jay Cox: “I am glad that it took so long because the film is multifaceted, and we could see some of these facets, only after living another 25 years”


The author of this project was originally Michael Mann, who wanted to put this tape himself as a director, but, being very busy with the filming of The Own People and Ali, he proposed the script to Martin Scorsese, and himself acted as a producer.

Taxi driver

“One madman, John Hinckley, looked at the Taxi Driver and decided that I had left a message for him.” He had harassed Jodie Foster for several years and threatened Jimmy Carter, and then nearly shot Reagan.

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