Pictures: Nobel Prize in Literature Pablo Neruda

On July 12, 1904, a Chilean poet, diplomat and politician, winner of the Chilean National Prize for Literature, the International Stalin Prize for Strengthening Peace among Nations and the Nobel Prize for Literature Pablo Neruda was born in the small town of Parral in central Chile.

In honor of the birthday of the great poet, we decided to illustrate the major milestones of Pablo Neruda in our photo selection.

Pablo Neruda (real name is Ricardo Elieser Neftali Reyes Basolato) was born on July 12, 1904 in the Chilean city of Parral, in the family of a railwayman and teacher.

Chilean poet Pablo Neruda at age 2

He began writing poems with 10 years. My father did not approve of literature classes, so from the age of 16 the poet was published under the pseudonym Pablo Neruda.

Pablo Neruda in his youth

In 1921 he entered the Santyago Pedagogical Institute. Two years later, Neruda publishes the first collection, which brought popularity in Latin America.

Pablo Neruda in his youth

Since 1927, Mr .. Neruda began diplomatic work, serves as a consul in many countries of Southeast Asia.

Pablo Neruda: I confess - I lived!

The first wife of Neruda was the Dutchwoman Marika Antonieta Hagenaar Fyugelzang. In 1932, the poet returned to his homeland. A year later, he was appointed consul in Buenos Aires, then to Madrid. Familiarity with Federico Garcia Lorca and Spanish poets contribute to the work.

Pablo Neruda with first wife Marika Hagenaar

In 1936, Neruda divorced his wife. The Spanish Civil War, the murder of Garcia Lorca shocked the poet, he spoke out in support of the Republicans, for which he was recalled from the country.

The only daughter of Pablo Neruda Malva Marina

Since 1939, Mr .. Neruda - Secretary of the Embassy in Mexico, then the Consul General. During the Second World War, he wrote a lot about the Red Army.

In 1943, the poet married Delia del Carril. In the spring of 1945, Neruda was elected to the Chilean Senate, he joined the Communist Party, received the national prize for literature. But for the accusations against President Neruda paid a mandate and moved to an illegal situation.

Pablo Neruda with second wife Dalia Del Carril

Pablo Neruda, Berlin, 1951

You did notice a bird on Pablo Neruda’s hand?

Only in the 53rd year he returned to his homeland.

Pablo Neruda and his third wife, Matilda, in their estate, Isla Negra.

Pablo Neruda Performs in Paris

In 1971, he received the Nobel Prize in Literature.

1971 Pablo Neruda Receives Nobel Prize in Literature

Pablo Neruda at the Nobel Prize

Shortly thereafter, a military coup took place in Chile.

Pablo Neruda in good age

Neruda died on September 23, 1973, according to one of the versions - he was killed.

Watch the video: Pablo Neruda Read with the Passion of a Latin Poet English (January 2020).


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