Record breaking hurricanes

Great Hurricane 1780

The hurricane, also known as San Calixto II, caused the death of 22 to 27.5 thousand people on the islands of the Caribbean. This natural disaster was the deadliest in the North Atlantic basin in history. Wind speed exceeded 300 km / h. On the island of Barbados were destroyed without exception all buildings. The height of the wave caused by the hurricane reached 8 meters. Serious damage was caused to the British and French flotilla - a hurricane passed during the war for the independence of the United States. Hundreds of ships were cast ashore, damaging the infrastructure of cities.


This tropical cyclone hit the United States in 1969. It was formed on August 5, and ten days later its speed increased to 180 km / hour. After crossing the Gulf of Mexico, he unexpectedly gained strength for meteorologists. Experts failed to measure its exact speed, however, wind gusts reached 326 km / h. The hurricane caused massive flooding in Mississippi. Thousands of people lost their homes, almost 10 thousand people were injured. It is known that many Americans did not trust the meteorological forecasts and refused to evacuate before the arrival of "Camille".

In Alabama, the wave washed away more than 25 thousand homes. At prices in 1969, a hurricane caused $ 1.42 billion in damage to the US economy. "Camilla" completely destroyed the hotel "Manor Richelieu". Before the collapse of one of the staff found the water on the first stage of the fourth floor; thus, the wave height reached 8 meters. In less than half an hour the building collapsed. Subsequently, the film “The Hurricane” was shot about this tragic episode, one of the main roles played by Larry Hagman.

Hotel "Manor Richelieu"

"Manor Richelieu" after the hurricane

"Camilla" destroyed 120 bridges, transport links were disturbed due to trees felled on the roads.

Cyclone "Bhola"

A tropical cyclone hit East Pakistan and Indian West Bengal in November 1970. As a result of a storm tide hit, up to 500 thousand people died. Total suffered at least 4.7 million people. The damage amounted to about 86 million dollars.

"Bhola" was formed in the Bay of Bengal. Indian authorities received reports of an emerging cyclone from seamen, but did not pass this information to Pakistan. In addition, there is evidence that the storm warning system in Pakistan was functioning with violations. Previously, the United States gave recommendations to Pakistan scientists to prevent natural disasters, but these recommendations were ignored. The vast majority of local residents did not attach importance to the alarm number 1, which the Pakistani radio station broadcast when the cyclone approached the coast. Evacuation was not actually carried out.

Thousands of fishermen who were in the water at the time of impact were killed. The islands in the Ganges delta were flooded. The Bhola cyclone also had political consequences — a month later, the East-Pakistani party Awami won the parliamentary elections. There were large-scale demonstrations demanding the resignation of the president. In March 1971, the war for the independence of Bangladesh began.


Typhoon "Nina" in 1975 became the most destructive in the history of China. Because of the strong wind, the Bankiao dam and 60 other dams broke. Severe flooding caused the death of 26 to 171 thousand people. More than 10 million people were on the street - their houses were destroyed.


Hurricane Katrina occurred in August 2005. Wind speed reached 280 km / h. The elements claimed the lives of 1600 (1836) people, 800 thousand Americans were left without electricity. Economic damage exceeded 125 billion dollars. The cities of New Orleans and Louisiana suffered the most. 80% of local residents left Louisiana, but tens of thousands of people were forced to stay in the city - they did not have money for transportation and a hotel. In New Orleans, for the same reason, about 150 thousand people remained. After hitting “Katrina”, people waited for help for days. The hurricane weakened near the Great Lakes, located in Canada and the United States.

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