From Russia with love: letters from Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna

Love at first sight
The first meeting between Tsarevich Nicholas and Princess Alice of Hesse-Darmstadt took place in 1884, when the girl arrived in Russia. The future emperor was then 16 years old, and Alice was only 12. In 1889 they met again. But Nikolai already felt that he had met the love of his life. In his diary, he wrote: “I dream of ever marrying Alix G. I have loved her for a long time, but especially deeply and strongly since 1889, when she spent 6 weeks in St. Petersburg. All this time I did not believe my feelings, I did not believe that my cherished dream could come true. ”

Nikolai first met Alice when he was 16 and she was 12

But relatives of lovers were against marriage. Nicholas was predicted of a much more successful party, moreover, Alice was a relative of the Tsarevich, and not even of the Orthodox faith. Nikolai did not despair and waited for his fate for 5 years. By 1894, Alexander III’s health became a serious concern, and Nicholas and Alice’s marriage was blessed. The princess converted to Orthodoxy, and less than a week after the death of the emperor-father Nicholas and Alexander were married. Their honeymoon flowed in mourning, in a series of dirge and condolences visits. One cannot think of a more dramatic beginning for the tragedy of the life of the last Romanovs.

On the anniversary of their engagement, the spouses were always together, and for the first time they held it apart only in 1915. Alexandra Feodorovna sent a delicate letter to her lover at the front: “For the first time in 21 years we are not spending this day together, but how vividly I remember everything! My dear boy, what happiness and what love you have given me for all these years ... How time flies - 21 years have passed! You know, I saved the “princess dress” that I was in that morning, and I will wear your favorite brooch. ” Nikolay gave this diamond brooch to Alice on the day of the first meeting, but the girl could not accept such an expensive gift. After the wedding, he again presented the beloved with an ornament, and Alexander kept her life as a symbol of love.

Pray for you - my consolation
Nicholas II was never a born manager, and although he treated his duties with full responsibility, the reports of the ministers listened with boredom. The last Russian emperor was a real family man - he was happy to spend time with children, rode with his family in a canoe or traveled. Alexandra Feodorovna was considered an exemplary wife - she lovingly treated her spouse, took care of raising children and watched the household.

In the letters, the spouses signed as “Nicky” and “Alix”

At the beginning of the 20th century, Russia was overwhelmed by a series of wars, and Nicholas and Alexandra increasingly had to spend time separately. Separation both spouses experienced hard. “Praying for you is my delight when we are separated. I cannot get used even to the shortest time to be in your house without you, although I have five treasures with me, ”the empress wrote in one of her letters. In numerous messages and telegrams, she admitted that she was very bored and kissed Nikolay’s pillow for the night.

Honeymoon length of 23 years
Contemporaries called with envy the marriage of Nicholas II and Alexandra "a honeymoon length of 23 years." Until the last days, the love of the spouses remained as tender as after the engagement. Their touching correspondence was published more than once in separate collections. “My priceless treasure”, “my sunshine, my precious”, “my boy, my sunshine” - this is how Alexandra Feodorovna addressed her royal husband. “My beloved little wife,” Nicholas answered her. In the messages, they were signed exclusively as “Alix” and “Nicky”.

The secret of a happy family life of Alexander considered the attention to each other. “The happiness of life is made up of individual minutes, of small pleasures — of a kiss, smile, kind look, heartfelt compliment, and countless small, but kind thoughts and sincere feelings. Love also needs her daily bread, ”she wrote. In the Romanov family, households often gave each other gifts, the most famous of which are Faberge eggs at Easter.

When Nicholas II was sent into exile, Alexandra followed him.

When the emperor signed the abdication and was forced to go into exile, Alexandra followed him. Together with the children, they carried out all the mockery of the Bolsheviks without complaints and reproaches. And they died in one day. Alexandra Feodorovna seemed to foresee the terrible end of her marriage. Many years before, on her wedding day, she wrote in her diary: "When this life ends, we will meet again in another world and stay together forever."

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