Revolutionary leader and Bedouin warrior Muammar Gaddafi

On October 21, 2011, it was officially announced that Libyan head Muammar Gaddafi, who had been killed the previous day, was overthrown. Who came to power on September 1, 1969, he later formulated the Third World Theory, set forth in his three-volume work The Green Book, and established a new form of government in the country called Jamahiriya.

During his lifetime he became a legendary person. remembered Gaddafi’s most vivid quotes about life, politics, and power.

I am a lonely Bedouin who does not even have a birth certificate. I grew up in a world where everything was filled with purity. Everything around me was not touched by the infections of modern life. Young people in our society respected the old. And we were able to distinguish good from evil.

On the entire planet, democracy is only in one state, and this is Libya.

My role is only that I lead the revolutionary forces, direct them and give them freedom of action.
I forbade hanging their portraits on the streets. But people still keep posting them. And I want to push the people to ensure that he himself exercised his power.
Originally, humanity is a Person and a Family, but by no means a State.
The political struggle, in which, for example, the candidate who won 51% of the vote wins, leads to the establishment of a dictatorial instrument of government clothed in a false toga of democracy, since 49% of voters are ruled by the instrument of government for which they did not vote. they are imposed, and this is dictatorship.

The question is not whether a woman should or should not work. Such a statement is vulgar and absurd, because society is obliged to provide work for all of its capable members, whether men or women. The fact is that everyone should do the kind of work that suits him and should not be forced to do work that is unsuitable for him. Making children do adult work is arbitrariness and violence. Forcing a woman to do the work of a man is also arbitrariness and violence.

"Everyone must do the work that suits him" - Gaddafi

A person as an individual should have freedom of expression and, even if insane, have the right to freely express their madness.

When the instrument of power changes, the constitution usually changes. This suggests that the constitution is not a natural law, but a voluntarist offspring of the instrument of government, designed to serve its interests.
The diversity and dissimilarity of regimes, called democratic, only confirms their undemocratic.

"Employees are the same slaves", - Gaddafi

A woman is a man. A man is also a man. And yet a man is a man, and a woman is a woman.
If human society ever becomes a society without a family, it will be a society of vagrants and become like an artificial plant.
Man’s freedom is incomplete if his needs are controlled by others. The desire to meet the needs can lead to the enslavement of man by man, exploitation also generated by the needs. Meeting the needs is a real problem, and if not the person himself controls his needs, a struggle arises.

"A person should have the right to freely express his madness", - Gaddafi

All existing societies see women as a commodity only. The East regards it as an object of sale, while the West refuses to recognize a woman in it.
A woman who, because of her nature, has functions that are different from the functions of a man, should be placed in conditions other than men in order to be able to perform these natural functions.
Boxing and various types of struggle indicate that humanity has not yet completely got rid of the remnants of barbarism.

"People will be backward until they speak the same language", - Gaddafi

Death, who is it - a man or a woman? Allah is in charge ... Pre-Islamic poet Turfi bin al-Abd believed that death is the man who chooses the best. The modern poet Nazar al-Kabani believes that this is apparently a woman, because she took his son Taufik. But why such a question? What about death or a woman? Death is still death. But it is not. If this is a man, then you should resist him to the end, and if a woman, then you should give up at the last moment.
I will never leave the Libyan land, I will fight to the last drop of blood and die here with my forefathers like a martyr. Gaddafi is not an easy president to leave; he is the leader of the revolution and the Bedouin warrior who brought glory to the Libyans. We, the Libyans, have fought against the USA and Great Britain in the past and will not surrender now.
To be honest, I really would like to leave, but it does not depend on me anymore. If I were a king or a president, everything would be different. But I am a revolutionary.

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