"Gnaw young granite science"

"Science is not a simple thing, and social science as well, it is granite, and it must be bitten with young teeth."

"Stalin is the most prominent mediocrity of our party."

“My birthday coincides with the October Revolution. Mystics and Pythagoreans can draw any conclusions from this. ”

“War does not fit into art. Battle painting is often just plain stupid. ”

"The percentage of cranks among people is very significant, but it is especially large among teachers."

"The sheer madness of the revolution seems to those whom it rejects and overthrows."

“I left the tightly-corked Peter and Paul Fortress alone with a touch of grief: it was quiet, so silent, so ideally good for mental work.”

“We watched with enthusiasm for leapfrog. Those sentenced to death jumped and substituted their backs with others. ”

“In connection with military chemistry, the art of poisoning has reached exceptional development. The secrets of this art are inaccessible to mere mortals. But everything is available to the poisoners of the GPU. ”

"We stop the war, do not make peace, demobilize the army."

“All the development of humanity goes not along a straight line, but along a complex curve, for the path is determined not by a compass and a ruler, but by the struggle of living forces that pull in different directions.”

“There is nothing more pitiful as moralizing about great social disasters!”

"The religion of property is the most powerful of religions."

"Stalinism is a clot of all the deformities of a historical state, its ominous caricature and disgusting grimace."

"One peasant shirt of Count Tolstoy costs half of all Turgenev."

"If we leave, we will slam the door so that all of Europe will shake."

"Old age is the most unexpected of all things that happen to a man."

"The peasantry is following either the workers or the bourgeois."

“From quite early, more precisely, childhood years, I dreamed of becoming a writer. In subsequent years, I subordinated writing, like everything else, to revolutionary goals. ”

"Down with Cain Stalin and his camarilla!" Down with the predatory bureaucracy! Long live the USSR, the fortress of the working people! Long live the world socialist revolution! ”

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