Muses of Van Gogh

Young Vincent Van Gogh said more than once that he was created for the family and the warmth of the hearth. However, in reality, maintaining a stable relationship was not fascinated by the artist - he was in the power of art and wrote to Brother Theo: “As you can see, I am obsessed with work, although sometimes I’m far from achieving the desired result. But I hope that white flowers will appear instead of thorns one day, and that this fruitless struggle is something other than hard work in the name of origin. First the pain, then the joy. I can not express how much every day I manage, despite the difficulties, I can not express how happy I was to start painting again. It worried me for a long time and at the same time, it seemed to me impossible, beyond my reach. But now, even though I am aware of my powerlessness and painful dependence on many things, peace has reigned in my soul and my energy is being revived day by day. ”

Love, as often happens, came unexpectedly - Van Gogh charmed the daughter of his landlady in London, Ursula Loillier. The girl was extremely good-looking. At 19, she was seriously thinking about the wedding, and Vincent seemed to her not the most suitable candidate for this role. As a result, Ursula left Van Gogh. Rejected Vincent for a long time did not recognize his defeat and often came to the house of Ursula.

Once he saw that there was a holiday in the house. “Vincent saw dancing in the living room. The old man sat on the box, - “What is happening here? - asked Vincent. “I suppose the wedding is being celebrated.” Vincent leaned against the carriage, water trickling down his red hair on his face. As time passed, the front door finally opened. In her doorway, Ursula appeared with a tall, slim man. A noisy crowd of guests gushed out of the house, they laughed and scattered rice in their hands. Vincent retreated into the shadows behind the carriage. Ursula and her husband were already seated there. The coachman whipped the horses. Horses are touched. Vincent, bending down, ran alongside and leaned his face to the wet window of the carriage. The man hugged Ursula with both hands and kissed her. The carriage drove off. Something thin broke in the chest of Vincent, broke off without a return. The spell was scattered, ”writes Irving Stone in his biographical novel“ Thirst for Life ”.


Soon Van Gogh suffered another crushing defeat on the love front - this time it was about his relative Kay Foz. The girl has already been married. She rejected the care of the artist, but he continued to persevere in seeking her disposition and literally fell asleep with letters. In 1888, the artist was diagnosed with "epilepsy of the temporal lobes", he was overwhelmed with severe attacks. They were cyclical, repeating after a certain period of time. In addition, Vincent had severe dizziness, accompanied by vomiting. All this greatly influenced his relationship with others.


For nearly two years, Vincent’s novel with a girl of easy virtue, Xing, lasted. They first met in The Hague. Pregnant Xing and her eldest child moved to the artist. The artist devoted dozens of works to his passion. There was a couple living in poverty; there was not enough money for food. It is known that Theo Van Gogh asked his brother to put an end to this relationship. Vincent and Sin began to quarrel often, in 1883 they broke up.

Theodore van Gogh. (

Later, the artist's choice was the 40-year-old Margo. Vincent made her an offer, but Margo's relatives did not approve of the marriage. The wedding did not take place.

At the age of 37, the artist committed suicide.

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