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How to save "Universal Studios"

In 2006, the famous film company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer declared bankruptcy, and this news shook the whole world. Few people know that the same fate could have been expected of her famous rival Universal Studios if the professional financier hadn’t taken it into their own hands.

Founded in 1912, the film studio was a family business. Its creator Karl Lemmle was the first to launch the Hollywood “star pipeline”, signing the names of the actors in the credits and attracting the attention of newsmen to them. He also created the largest filming site in the world near Hollywood. The case of Karl Lemmle passed on to his son Lemmle Jr. But with the departure from the studio of a talented producer Irving Talberg, the beginning of the Great Depression and the advent of sound cinema, things at Universal were getting worse - the pictures failed one after another.

In 1936, Lemme's father and son sold their shares for only $ 5 million. The financier John Cheever Cauding took up the matter. It was under his leadership that the company once again became a plus, shooting famous comedies, noir films, and even releasing several pictures of Hitchcock. After restoring the company, 10 years later, Kaudin handed over the reins to American millionaire Arthur Rank.

Karl Lemme with the Oscar statuette, 1930

The mistake of the inexperienced Lemmle was that they used only their own funds and never took out loans. Because of this, father and son almost went bankrupt when in the 1920s they spent almost the entire free budget on the production of two films. In 1936, for a remake of the Floating Theater, they took a large loan on the security of studio rights, but did not fit into the budget and lost the company.

How to turn 40 dollars into 10 million

A trip to the cinema is always not only a movie, but also popcorn with Coca-Cola. The production of the most popular beverage in the world could have ended at the beginning of the 20th century if the financier Ernest Woodruff along with a group of investors had not taken matters into his own hands.

It was he who turned the company into a public one and began selling shares at $ 40 apiece - in terms of modern values, this is more than $ 500. In 2012, Adam Widerman calculated that one such share would have already cost $ 9.8 million if all dividends were invested. Not a bad investment, is it? In total, Woodruff managed to sell 500,000 shares, which was a record in the food industry of that time. Coca-Cola Company plants began to appear around the world - not only in Europe, but even in Africa.

The paper on the acquisition of shares "Coca-Cola", 1929

How to make the whole world drink coffee

Popularity with Coca-Cola drinks can compete except that coffee from «Starbucks». But the coffee shop could not become so famous, if an experienced entrepreneur had not taken the case.

It was founded by three teachers and coffee lovers Jerry Baldwin, Ziv Sigle and Gordon Bowker. The friends chipped in at $ 1,350, borrowed another 5,000 and opened their own store of high-quality coffee beans in Seattle. They did not brew the coffee themselves. In just a few years, Starbucks has expanded to six stores, the owners have opened a coffee roasting factory and their own sales division. But they did not go beyond the limits of their native city. Only in 1986, for the first time, buddies began to make espresso.

"Starbucks" in 1977

The real Starbucks coffeehouse was due to Howard Schulz, who bought the company. He already had experience in a coffee shop, and he quickly expanded the network, opening points outside of Seattle. Thanks to the product catalog, the company began to distribute coffee beans throughout America, and in 1992 entered the stock market. Today, Starbucks is primarily famous for its drinks - and who knows what would have happened with the company, do not buy it Schultz.

How to achieve financial success

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