Ruthless Taliban (18+)

Imagine life without the Internet, and indeed computer, television, music, painting. When for adultery can be stoned or buried alive, girls do not have the right to go to school, and the police are waiting for daily dues. This is how Afghans lived under the Taliban. About how extremists easily established control over the country with a population of more than 20 million people, says Elena Bukhteeva.

Extremists “fed” the United States?

When Soviet troops left Afghanistan, the Mujahideen rebels happily rubbed their hands. Now nothing prevented them from killing the infidels in the name of “sacred Islam” and slowly but surely establishing Sharia norms in the vast expanses of the country. Of course, at first the government struggled with religious fanatics. It was possible to restrain the Mujahideen thanks to the generous supply of military equipment from the USSR. However, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, all help stopped, and the ruling party "Vatan" lost its position.

But the Mujahideen gave Osama bin Laden money for war, without stint. In general, they knew how to pretend to be innocent, and therefore enjoyed military support not only from Pakistan and a number of Arab states, but, according to some sources, to the United States. The fight against the Soviet troops made the Mujahideen the ideal partisans. They established intelligence and organized a strict hierarchy within their ranks.

In the hands of the extremists were all the cards, and in 1992 they overthrew the regime. Immediately after this, the universities were closed and laws that contradicted the will of Allah were abolished.

Mujahideen for the most part were uneducated people. They were extremely cruel to their fellow citizens. Extremists believed that within the framework of jihad they have every right to rob, rape and kill. Public executions were widely used: convicts were hanged in the center of the city in front of thousands of people. Sometimes, the guilty were abducted right from home.

Convicts were hanged in the city center in front of thousands of people

Although the mojahedin succeeded in the war, they clearly did not know how to govern the country. The terrible economic crisis seems to have gathered to overcome only by faith. Businesses have stopped. Complete devastation has come, the locals instead of crops now grew poppies for the manufacture of drugs.

Sharia in exchange for food and shelter

Then the Taliban was born (the organization’s activities are banned in Russia). Mullah Mohammed Omar acted as the ideological leader of the new movement. Subsequently, the United States will promise 10 million dollars for information on its location. In the meantime, the mullah gathers around him former students of religious schools, knowing that they are extremely susceptible to the ideas of total Islamization. For greater persuasiveness, Mohammed retells his pupils dreams-revelations in which the will of the transfer of power to the Taliban is revealed to him. Listeners piously believe him.

But on one ideology you will not get far, and Mohammed Omar introduces a rigid hierarchy. Around the leader is the high council and up to ten consultants, below there are field commanders and numerous detachments in which iron discipline reigns. A part of the Mujahideen adjoins the new movement.

Members of the Taliban "/ photo

The Taliban are recruiting supporters among the Pashtuns - the largest nationality of Afghanistan. The latter are not against it, because the Taliban speak the language of tradition that they understand. Firstly, the concept of blood revenge existed among the Pashtuns since ancient times. The practice of hamsaya was also practiced, which means protection in exchange for some services (for example, land in exchange for the performance of military service). The Taliban not only promise protection to the Pashtuns, but also pay the fighters well. This money comes from Pakistan. A neighbor has long dreamed of increasing his influence in the region, and the coming to power in Afghanistan of a friendly group would be very useful.

Most Afghans did not think about what the Taliban’s rule would turn out for them. They were worried about the urgent question: how to provide their families with food and shelter. Moreover, with the change of government, they pinned bold hopes on the country's economic revival and an end to the exhausting civil war. The order of the Afghans was tired of corruption, which reached horrific proportions in the early 90s.

Mujahideen were passionate about fighting each other, and the “finest hour” came for the Taliban. In 1994, they attacked several Mujahideen and executed them for the rape of young girls. In the people, the action was greeted with understanding.

From this time, the Taliban triumphant march through the country begins — so swift that it is impossible to believe. For the "Kingdom of Allah on Earth" fought well prepared fighters. Here the Taliban seized Herat, then Helmand Province, and finally Kabul (1996). Under their control was almost the whole country. They did not want to recognize the new order only the northern territories, where national minorities traditionally lived. The Taliban had a huge influence in the north of Pakistan.

For treason - burial alive

After the capture of Kabul, the Taliban announced the creation of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The country is back in the Middle Ages. Women were dressed in a veil, deprived of opportunities to work. Girls were allowed to study only up to 8 years. Under the ban were even phrases in which the word "woman" is present.

Dress code for the Taliban

Executions became common practice, for adultery they were stoned or buried alive. The thief was not thrown into prison, but cut off his leg or arm. Traditional Afghanistan chants were heard all over Afghanistan - other music was banned. The Taliban have destroyed any echo of Western culture. Under the ban turned and art. The monotonous voice of the priest, telling about the life of a righteous Muslim, was heard from the radio receivers around the clock.

The Taliban have forbidden to pronounce the word "woman"

The ban on treatment by male doctors has become a real tragedy for Afghan women. Many preferred to go to illegal hospitals at home. Alas, in such institutions there were no necessary medicines, and the “healers” did not have professional knowledge.

It must be said, all Afghans met these restrictions quite calmly, because they flowed out of Islamic culture. The Taliban court even called fair. If you do not break the law, then you are safe. The new government brought with it the desired stability, although it was not able to cope with economic problems.

Afghans called a Taliban trial fair

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on the world stage was recognized only by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

Asylum for terrorist number 1 and bloody confrontation

In 1996, the Taliban granted asylum to Osama bin Laden. This led the world community to take a closer look at Afghanistan as a stronghold of international terrorism.

The Taliban once again shelter "terrorist number 1" after the tragedy of September 11, 2001 and refuse to extradite him to America. In response, the United States will deploy an operation that will end with the overthrow of the Taliban regime. Apparently, out of desperation, the latter will offer Russia to unite against American aggression. As a response, as former Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov put it, they will receive only the world-famous insulting English-speaking gesture.

The death sentence is imposed not only adults but also children.

In 2003, the UN Security Council recognized the organization as terrorist. Despite the defeat, the Taliban (banned in Russia) quickly revived in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, the Taliban control, according to various sources, up to a third of the territory of Afghanistan and do not lose hope again to be "at the helm."

Schools have become one of the main targets of the “revived” Taliban. The death sentence can be obtained even for learning English.

Peshawar, December 16, 2014. Women mourn the schoolboy who died during the attack on the school / photo

The day after the attack / photo

After the revival of the organization was followed by a series of bloody terrorist attacks. According to the official version, it was the Taliban who organized the assassination of the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, in 2007. From 2009 to 2014, they carried out at least 12 terrorist attacks.

A month ago, another explosion occurred in Kabul, for which the Taliban claimed responsibility. More than 300 people were injured. On May 23, Barack Obama confirmed the death of extremist leader Akhtar Mansur during a special operation. This information was confirmed by the Afghan intelligence.

Watch the video: Taliban assault on Kandahar government complex repelled (January 2020).


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