"Journal" Freedom is "completely bad"

About the magazine "Freedom"

Magazine "Freedom" is absolutely bad. The author of it - the magazine makes exactly the same impression, as if it was all from beginning to end was written by one person - it claims to be popular writing “for workers”. But this is not popularity, but bad taste is popular. The word is not simple, all with a grimace ... Without frills, without "folk" comparisons and "folk" words - like "theirs" - the author will not say a single phrase. And this ugly language chews without new data, without new examples, without new processing, the hackneyed socialist thoughts, deliberately vulgarized.

Popularization, we would say to the author, is very far from vulgarization, from being popular. A popular writer brings the reader to deep thought, to deep teaching, proceeding from the most simple and well-known data, pointing out with the help of simple arguments or successfully chosen examples the main conclusions from these data, leading the thinking reader to further and further questions. A popular writer does not suggest a non-thinking, unwilling or unable to think reader - on the contrary, he assumes in an undeveloped reader a serious intention to work with his head and helps him to do this serious and difficult work, leads him, helping him to take the first steps and learning to go on himself . A vulgar writer assumes a reader who does not think and is incapable of thinking, he does not push him to the first beginnings of serious science, and in an ugly-simplified form that is salted with jokes and tricks, he presents with "ready" all the conclusions of the well-known teaching, so that the reader doesn’t even chew it is necessary, but only to swallow this mush.

Written in the fall of 1901.

First published in 1936 in the journal Bolshevik, No. 2.

A source: leninism.su
Photo of the announcement and lead: lenin-ulijanov.narod.ru

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