"Count, landowner and bourgeois squared - now published in the State Publishing House"

“An interesting new poet. Another Tolstoy.

Nikolay Gumilev

“In emigration, speaking of him, he was often punished with disdain, Aleshka, sometimes condescendingly and affectionately, Alyosha, and almost all were filled with them: he was a cheerful, interesting interlocutor, an excellent storyteller, a wonderful reader of his works, delightful in his frankness of cynics; He was endowed with a considerable and very keen mind, although he liked to pretend to be a silly and careless lisp, was a clever grabber, but also a generous mot, knew a rich Russian language, all Russian knew and felt like very few ... He behaved in emigration often and really “Aleshka ”, A hooligan, was a frequent visitor to rich people who he called a scum behind his eyes, and everyone knew it and still forgave him: well, they say, take from Alyosha!”

Ivan Bunin

“Tolstoy arrived. He told how he ate during the writing trip along the Volga. Every day - caviar, smoked fish, wonderful cream, fruit and some special cucumbers ... But there’s a famine in the country ”.

Anna Akhmatova

A. N. Tolstoy in his youth

“Comrades! Before me, the well-known writer Alexey Nikolaevich Tolstoy spoke here. Who does not know that this is the former Count Tolstoy! And now? Now he is Comrade Tolstoy, one of the best and most popular writers of the Soviet land! ”

Vyacheslav Molotov

“I am delighted with Tolstoy's“ Peter ”and am looking forward to his continuation. How much lively ease in the story, how much instant mysteriousness is given to things and positions, precisely the mystery that all true reality breathes. And how, with ease, effortlessly, and imperceptibly, the author solves these riddles in the development of the plot! Peerless thing. "

Boris Pasternak

“Alyoshka, your mother! Third Tolstoy! Although you, of course, and bastard, but a talented writer. Keep up the good work! ”

Telegram Bunin Tolstoy

“I read the whole day of Peter the Great by Alexei Tolstoy. Zurov says it is a splint, but, in my opinion, it’s still talented. I feel a tendency, lighting sometimes seems like a mockery of “over the order”, but everything is talented. ”

Galina Kuznetsova

“In 1945, they wanted to collect a film about Tolstoy from newsreel materials. It turned out that Aleksey Nikolayevich was most of all captured on film as a member of the Emergency Commission for the Investigation of Fascist Crimes. Fascism retreated, and its terrible traces were exposed. An invoice submitted later on at the Nuremberg Trials was being prepared. Frames were as follows: just dug up a moat clogged with corpses. On the edge of the ditch Tolstoy. Close-up of Alexei Nikolaevich's face ... ”

Valentin Berestov

Mark with the image of Tolstoy

“I, Tynyanov, are just a good writer. Therefore, every thing I have to write well. But Tolstoy is phenomenally talented and therefore can afford to write vilely. "

Yury Tynyanov (according to Chukovsky)

“He was a wonderful man in many ways. He was even amazing at the combination of a rare personal immorality (in no way inferior, after his return to Russia from emigration, the immorality of his greatest comrades in the field of service to the Soviet Kremlin) with the rare talent of his whole nature, endowed with a great artistic gift. ”

Ivan Bunin

“In the twenties, my late aunt was a budding editor. And here she once ran up the stairs. And imagine, unexpectedly hit his head in the belly of Alexei Tolstoy.

“Wow,” said Tolstoy, “but what if the eye were here ?!”

Sergey Dovlatov

"On Wednesday he called them executioners,
And on Thursday, seduced by their grub,
He cleaned his boots in the "Eve".
This service did not remain in vain:
Count, landowner and bourgeois squared -
Now published in the State Publishing House.

Sasha Cherny, "Walking on fees"

"He settled with his family in Detsky Selo (formerly Tsarskoe) and lives like a nobleman, according to rumors."

Veniamin Belkin

“I was with him, had dinner. I can count the cases when before the revolution I had to devour such dinners in Moscow, drink so much champagne. But this is not the appearance of a good former, but the real thing: the owner is luxurious in his good nature, the hostess is very kind, the boys are free and brought up, the walls are not bad copies, but the originals of all kinds of craftsmen, carpets, precious furniture, dishes made from tasty glass ... money and not in talent, here in the nature of happiness ... Tolstoy is happy for the happiness of intimacy close to the person. "

Mikhail Prishvin

Petr Konchalovsky. A. N. Tolstoy visiting the artist, 1941

“Back in Petersburg, under the influence of Alexei Mikhailovich Remizov, he began studying Russian folk tales and songs based on book materials, on the basis of which he created a whole cycle of poems stylized as Russian folklore. Again, these poems of Tolstoy turned out to be below his talent, but work on them went to him for the future. The old folk speech he learned during his apprenticeship was very useful to him when he later wrote his famous novel about Peter and plays from the time of John IV, Catherine II. Of course, by that time he had significantly expanded and deepened his knowledge, but their fundamental principle was here.

In general, before his death, he somehow rose to the heart and brightened up all, and his talent was revealed in all its might. That is why his third book, Peter (unfinished), is stronger and more significant than the previous two. ”

Korney Chukovsky

“Father was a singer of the Russian people. He recognized himself primarily as a Russian writer. His interest in history was not a whim, a whim. He was caused by the thought of his beloved Russia. Father often turned to history in order to know the truth of the people and their character. If for Tyutchev and the Symbolists Russia was a sphinx, then he tried to solve her riddle. The father was endowed with a special gift of historical vision. As a true historian, he wanted to understand the past in order to comprehend the present to the end and foresee the future. He said that he was concerned in the Russian history of the epoch, where, as he believed, the character of the people was tied. These knots for him were: the era of the Time of Troubles, the time of Peter the First, the Civil War of 1918 - 1922 ”.

Dmitry Tolstoy, the writer's son

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