“How long have we rejoiced at its flourishing - and should already mourn the loss!”

"Odessa Herald"

“Received from Pyatigorsk the regrettable news of the death of M. Yu. Lermontov, one of the most beloved Russian poets and prose writers that followed the 15th of July. Several small, never-ending plays have been found in his papers. ”

1841, August 2, No. 62, p. 295


“Another loss in Russian literature! One of her great hopes, M. Yu. Lermontov, died in the Caucasus on July 15th. Have we long rejoiced at its flourishing - and we should already mourn the loss! He was a member of our youngest generation of literature; cheerfully went ahead; his development promised a lot; The Caucasus sent him new inspirations. Now it's over. My heart bleeds when you think how many wonderful talents are dying with us untimely! ”

1841, part V, dep. "Mixture"

Russian Bulletin

“Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov, whose poems and prose gave so much hope, has passed away. in the Caucasus, July 15th. "

1841, No. 1, Dep. VI, Obituary 1841, p. 16

"Library for reading"

“Our literature is constantly denouncing new losses that are not rewarded by new acquisitions. Some leave the arena, seeking rest after work, others die. The demise of Lermontov, on the Caucasian waters, Lermontov, who gave such brilliant hopes, should upset all lovers of Russian literature. With the current very limited number of talents who are still writing, all our literature of necessity was in journals. ”

1841, volume 48, dep. VI, p. 41, "Miscellaneous News".

"Northern bee"

“On July 15, July, our young writer M. Yu. Lermontov died in Pyatigorsk, giving brilliant hopes to Russian literature. In his papers, they say, several unfinished compositions have been found. ”

1841, August 19, No. 183, p. 729, dep. "Internal news"

"Literary Gazette"

“The first news is our sad. Russian literature has lost one of its most talented poets. According to news from the Caucasus, in the last days of the past month M. Yu. Lermontov died there. The young poet, who had so happily begun his literary career and with time promised us a replacement for Pushkin, prematurely found death. It is impossible not to regret that such a fresh, unique talent has not reached its full development; much could have been expected from the pen of Lermontov. ”

1841, August 9, No. 89, p. 356, department “Literary and theatrical news”

Source: Lermontov M. Yu. Complete Works in 10 Volumes. V. 9 - M .: Sunday, 2001. 480 p.

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