"Every day I feel more alive"

Denis Diderot - Sophie Volan

I can't leave without saying a few words to you. So, my favorite, you expect a lot of good from me. Your happiness, even your life depends, as you say, on my love for you!

Do not be afraid, my dear Sophie; my love will last forever, you will live and be happy. I have never done anything wrong and am not going to step on this road. I am all yours - you are everything to me. We will support each other in all the troubles that fate can send us. You will alleviate my sufferings; I will help you with yours. I can always see you the way you have been lately! As for me, you must admit that I remained the same as you saw me on the first day of our acquaintance.

This is not only my merit, but for the sake of justice I must tell you about it. Every day I feel more alive. I am confident in your loyalty to you and appreciate your merits more and more each day. I am sure of your permanence and appreciate it. Draw passion had no more reason than mine. Dear Sophie, you are very beautiful, aren't you? Watch yourself - see how you are going to be in love; and know that I love you very much. This is the constant expression of my feelings.

Good night, my dear Sophie. I am happy as soon as a man can be happy, knowing that the loveliest of women loves him.

Source: Ursula Doyle "Love letters of great people"

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