To the stars and other civilizations

The path to astronautics

During the time of the first flights into space, astronauts needed more physical data: excellent health and courage. Georgy Grechko came to the space program when knowledge was also demanded. An engineer by training, he first created the spacecraft in the Sergei Korolev Design Bureau.

Grechko and Leonov's flight to the moon was canceled due to American success

Grechko was born in Leningrad on May 25, 1931, in the same place in 1955 he graduated with honors from the Leningrad Mechanical Institute and was immediately assigned to work for the Queen, where he first worked on designing engines for missiles launched from submarines. Then he specialized in ballistics, calculated the trajectories of motion of unmanned probes to the Moon and Venus, and when Gagarin was preparing the flight, he would choose an angle for entering the atmosphere during landing. In 1966, for the first time cosmonauts did not recruit pilots, but engineers. Georgy Grechko was among 13 lucky out of about 300 candidates.

Cosmonaut Georgy Grechko aboard the Soyuz-26 - Salyut - Soyuz-27 space complex. 1978

Failed flight to the moon

Grechko’s “cosmic” career at first was not entirely successful. Enrolled in the space detachment, immediately began to prepare for the flight to the moon, along with Alexei Leonov - Leonov had to land, and Grechko to wait in orbit. But soon the Americans landed on the moon, and they decided to curtail the program.

George Grechko - the oldest cosmonaut of his time

The first flight of George Grechko made only in 1975. Then two more: From December 10, 1977 to March 16, 1978, together with Yury Romanenko and from September 17 to September 26, 1985 with Vladimir Vasyutin. At the time of the flight, Grechko was already 54 years old - for 13 years he was the oldest cosmonaut in the USSR, and then in Russia.

Dream of extraterrestrial life

Grechko passionately believed that we should find extraterrestrial civilizations

Georgy Grechko was a big enthusiast in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. He even went to the site of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite with his colleagues. Tried to find traces of the fall of an alien ship. The money was then singled out personally by Korolev. Here is what Grechko himself told about that experience: “Shche in his youth, in 1946, I read the story of“ The Explosion ”by Alexander Kazantsev that the Tungus body was actually an interplanetary Martian spacecraft crashed. Aria Sternfeld, a famous interplanetary flight explorer, calculated that he flew to Earth not from Mars, but first visited Venus. The optimal date of such arrival coincides with the collapse of the so-called Tunguska meteorite.

Yuriy Romanenko and Georgy Grechko - Soyuz-26 crew

After reading Kazantsev, I decided to visit the place of the accident of the alien ship, to find its fragments. And now, already working for Korolev, I infected these comrades with it. Sergei Korolev showed interest in the remnants of an alien spacecraft. He gave us money from his fund of material assistance for 500 rubles for air tickets, a helicopter, two soldiers with a walkie-talkie and a dry ration. We have done a very serious job for several months. For example, identified the point over which the explosion occurred. Nothing was found, including at the bottom of Lake Ceco. Nevertheless, I am sure: something extraordinary exploded over Tunguska. Probably, brothers in mind, knowing that we cannot protect ourselves from large meteorites, established “anti-rockets” in the vicinity of our planet. The Tungus meteorite flew straight to Petersburg, but they shot down its trajectory, redirecting it to a deserted taiga. Ever since then, I have a dream to come back and continue my search for the alien ship. ”

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