Alfred Hitchcock: quotes the suspense master and facts about him

Alfred Hitchcock was born on August 13, 1899. On the birthday of the great master of horror, we recall his famous quotes and some facts from the life of the director.
1. For me, the only way to get rid of my fears is to make a film about them.
Alfred Hitchcock loved to appear in the frame of his films. For example, in “Psycho” you can see him in the fifth minute, - a man in a cowboy hat in front of the office of the main character.

2. All love scenes that begin on the set end in the dressing room.
3. I know the perfect way to cure a sore throat - cut it.
Hitchcock preferred blondes to lead roles. He himself compared them with white snow, on which blood is clearly visible. Hitchcock believed that blondes are perfect for the role of the victim. In his paintings played a lot of blond stars: Grace Kelly, Marlene Dietrich, Kim Novak, Vera Miles, Jannet Lee.

Hitchcock: There is nothing worse than a closed door

4. Love is a bridge game in which everyone bluffs: men - to win, women - not to lose.

5. To make a great film, three things are needed - the script, the script and once again the script.
6. I have always said that a woman should be like a good horror film: the more space left to the imagination, the better.
Hitchcock did not like and was afraid of the police. The reason for such a peculiar phobia was the incident from childhood: the father decided to punish little Alfred for some minor offense and sent him with a note for the policeman to the police station. The servant of the law read the message and locked the boy in the cell for several hours. This incident had such an effect on Hitchcock that he never decided to pass the driving test and get behind the wheel.

Hitchcock: A man is not poor if he is still able to laugh

7. The film is the life from which the boredom spots have come out.
8. The best actors, of course, Disney. He simply erases a bad actor.

Another Hitchcock phobia was, strangely enough, eggs. He hated them, and everything that had the shape of an oval. In all his life, he has not eaten a single egg. Another “fad” of the suspense master was cleanliness. After washing, he wiped the sink and tap with three towels.
9. The duration of the film is determined by the endurance of the bladder of the ordinary viewer.

10. Cinema consists of a screen and a variety of seats that need to be filled.

Hitchcock: If I shoot Cinderella, the viewer immediately sees the body in the carriage

Hitchcock was rather stingy and didn’t like spending money. He even tried to save money on servants — the nurses who looked after him and his wife cleaned up the house. Hitchcock's only passion for which he could fork out was expensive alcohol: collection whiskey, luxurious champagne and good wine were kept in the basement of his house, and after the director's death was sold at auction.

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