15 true propaganda quotes

1. The louder the propaganda propagated by politicians, the more terrible its consequences for citizens. Wilhelm Schwebel
2. False propaganda tells the truth about the state system. Leshek Kumor
3. Ideal propaganda: instead of rejecting the fears of the people - restrainedly acknowledge them. Jonathan Stroud

“Propaganda is what the state likes”

4. The worst enemy of any propaganda is intellectualism. Joseph Goebbels
5. Propaganda is a monologue that seeks not an answer, but an echo. Widen hugh oden
6. In each country, propaganda is controlled by the state and represents what the state likes. And what the state likes is your willingness to commit a murder when they order you. Bertrand russell
7. Propaganda is the art of convincing others of what you yourself do not believe. Abba Eban
8. The greatest triumphs of propaganda are achieved not through implementation, but through silence. The power of truth is great, but still more powerful - from a practical point of view - the silence of truth. Aldous Huxley

“The greatest triumphs of propaganda achieved by silence”

9. The power of a skilled propagandist is so great that it can give human thinking any desired form, and even the most developed, most independent people in their views cannot completely avoid this influence if they are permanently isolated from all other sources of information. Friedrich August von Hayek
10. Propaganda is the art of photographing a trait without hoofs and horns. Hans Casper
11. Propaganda loses force as soon as it becomes apparent. Joseph Goebbels
12. Propaganda does not deceive people, it only helps them to deceive themselves. Eric Hoffer

“Propaganda requires simplification”

13. Propaganda is the art of lying, often deceiving its supporters than opponents. Frances Cornford

14. Remember, Messire Bishop, propaganda requires simplification. It is important to say something very rude and repeat what has been said many times - this is how truth is created. Jean Anuy
15. Philosophy teaches us to question even what seems self-evident. Propaganda, on the contrary, proposes to consider as self-evident something that should be thought about, of which it would be reasonable to doubt. Aldous Huxley

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