Men at the feet of Anna of Austria

She was called the most beautiful woman in Europe of her time, and for so long and stubbornly she sought for simple female happiness. She did not have grand political goals, like Elizabeth I Tudor or the Russian Empress Catherine II, she wanted to be the sovereign of men's hearts. Who are they - men at the feet of Queen Anne?
Louis XIII
Despite the obvious affection for the young youths, at the first meeting the young king was conquered by his future wife. Louis and Anna were engaged in early childhood, their wedding was a dynastic marriage - it was necessary to unite the permanently warring Bourbons and the Hapsburgs. Seeing the bride in the window of the carriage, Louis was struck by her beauty and secretly feared the elegant Spaniard. It was rumored that even the mother, Maria Medici, persuaded even to climb the marriage bed of his violence.

Louis was stunned by her beauty and secretly feared graceful Spaniard

However, after the wedding, Louis did not often look into the bedroom to his wife, which is why she certainly suffered. Upbringing in Catholic Spain did not allow Anna to even think about a possible betrayal of her spouse, so for the next ten years, France never saw an heir.
Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu
So, our heroine is 24 years old, she is in full bloom of power and charming female beauty. Cardinal Richelieu 40, he is intelligent, active, and not as pious as his dignity suggests. Historians still do not know the nature of his feelings for Anna - or the cardinal wanted to protect the queen from romantic hobbies, or was really in love, but for some time he sought reciprocity from the queen, showing signs of attention and fulfilling her every whim. Having been mortally offended after one of Anna’s insidious draws, he suddenly turned into her worst enemy. Since then, the main business of his life was not only the greatness of France, but also the deposition of the queen.
George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
The kidnapper of women's hearts, a skilled politician and the main fashionist of Europe, the Duke of Buckingham, could not fail to subdue the heart of Queen Anne, sensitive and greedy for love. He came from an impoverished noble family, and the only thing he could be proud of was his appearance and natural mind.

The only thing he could be proud of was his appearance and natural mind.

For three years of secret correspondence and rare meetings, international politics was conducted not according to the laws of reason, but at the behest of the ardent heart of George Villers, who actually ruled England at the court of King Charles. Remember the story of the pendants from the novel by Dumas? The suspenders were, only Anna gave them not in Paris, but in Amiens, where the royal couple and the duke went to accompany Henrietta, Louis’s sister and the future Queen of England. There, the courtiers, the first and only time in their lives, caught the queen at the feet of the duke, which seriously discredited her in the eyes of her husband - Richelieu exulted. Very soon, Buckingham will kill the religious fanatic John Felton, which will break the heart of the queen in love.
Giulio Mazarini
In 1643, under the protection of Anna of Austria, Cardinal Giulio Mazarin replaced the hated Richelieu and became the first minister, and after only five years, France would learn what a civil war and the Fronde are. The Queen is 42 years old, and she is again in love. Strict Spanish upbringing is forgotten along with the native language, and nothing already prevents the queen from being in the arms of the Cardinal of the Catholic Church. However, over time, Anna's tastes have changed a lot: rejecting the intelligent and powerful Richelieu, she gives herself to the sly and stingy Mazarin.

Rejecting the powerful Richelieu, she surrenders to the miser Mazarin

If for many years the people regretted the queen, the sacrifice of the hated cardinal, now they are despised and ridiculed in the squares. The Fronda — the opposition led by the princes of blood — opposed the queen and her minister. After four years of exile, fragile truces and constant deprivations, Louis XIV triumphantly entered Paris, but continued to rule under the influence of the cardinal until his death in 1661.

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