"My sweet darling Minnie!"

May 21, 1884

“If there is something good, good and honest in me, then naturally I owe it to our dear sweet Mom! None of the tutors had any influence on me, I did not like any of them (except B. A. Perovsky, and even later), they could not tell me anything, I did not listen to them and didn’t pay any attention to them. They were just pawns for me.

Mom was constantly engaged in us, prepared for confession and walking; She taught us by example and deep Christian faith to love and understand the Christian faith, as she herself understood it. Thanks to Mom, we are all brothers and Marie became and remained true Christians and loved the faith and the church. How many conversations of the most diverse, intimate; always Mom listened calmly, gave time to say everything and always found something to answer, calm, scold, approve and always from a sublime Christian point of view ... ... everything, I owe everything to Mom and my character and that is! "

“Sweetheart Minnie, I began to write to you again, and so it is necessary for me that I can not miss a single day in order not to talk to you. I hope that you understand everything when I write to you in Russian, and if you wish, I will write in French.

May 16, 1884

“Yesterday’s day, May 15, is the happiest day after memories of what happened in Moscow a year ago and eternal thanksgiving to the Lord, who blessed this holy day for us and for all of Russia, which with touching participation and attention waited and met this great event for us and proved to all Europe amazed and spoiled morally that Russia is the same holy, Orthodox Russia, as it was under the Kings of Moscow and what, God forbid, it will remain forever! ”

April 22, 1892

“My sweet darling Minnie!

How boring and sad it is to remain so long without letters from you; I still have not received your letter that you sent from Vladikavkaz. From your telegrams, I see that you are very pleased with the Abas-Fog and that you are having a good and pleasant time; I am happy for you, but it's sad not to be together there!

Here we live quietly, modestly, but sadly. ”

  1. Alexander Bokhanov and Julia Kudrina. Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Feodorovna. Correspondence. 1884-1894 years
  2. Photo lead: nastroy.net
  3. Photo announcement: finland.fi

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