The story of one song: "GUD-BAI, AMERICA", Nautilus Pompilius

A song whose success is still a mystery for Vyacheslav Butusov. The band members say they didn’t guess when they composed the “Last Letter” that in fact the real anthem of the perestroika generation was recorded. In any case, that part of the population, which then looked to the West.

This song has two names. The second appeared later, when the group toured the USA, and one of the spectators asked to sing the song “Good-bye, America”. This name and stuck with the composition.
Popularity song provided text. The album "Prince of Silence" indicates two co-authors - Butusov and bass guitarist Dmitry Umetsky. What exactly is his contribution to the “Last Letter” is difficult to say - the text of the composition is not too complicated and very short. Later Butusov explained it this way: “I didn’t even understand what I was writing about. I wrote intuitively. I had a feeling of this kind: for those times I perceived America as a legend, as some kind of myth. The myth that we came up with ourselves, because we really didn’t imagine what was there. ”
When all the songs are silent,
Which i don't know
In the tart air will shout
My last paper ship
Goodbye, America, oh, oh,
Where I have never been
Do not see you again,
Take a banjo, play me goodbye
I have become too small
Your grated jeans
We were taught for so long
Love your forbidden fruit
Goodbye, America, oh, oh,
Where I will never be
Will I hear a song that I will remember forever?
We can say that the song exists in two versions, although this will be an exaggeration. The first time the song appeared on the album "Invisible". We recorded it in a bit of a hurry, because the album just prepared was too short. I had to take another track. According to Butusov, he had the “Last Letter” blanks, so they decided to use them: “We then recorded the album, and it turned out to be some kind of very short, some kind of aspiring, and we finished it off ...”.
In other words, recorded in a hurry. Here, perhaps, it is worth adding another quote from Butusov: “I had a sketch that I wanted to make in the raggae style - it was fashionable then. I wanted, but I could not: there was no time. And then I took the PS-55th - we had such a keyboard, it already had rhythmic effects, all kinds of sounds. We cut in this rumba, and we think about how cool it is - everything plays like a barrel organ. And I recorded the vocals for this rumba ”.
However, in the first version there is no famous saxophone part, which sounds throughout the entire song, and it ends with it. For a long time, the Nautilus concerts were completed by this very composition. And during the performance of the band members gradually, one by one, left the stage. At the end there was only one saxophonist.
On the wave of popularity, the composition was used more than once in domestic films. So, she twice sounds in the film “Brother-2”, and once performed by a children's choir, which, as they say, caused active disapproval from Butusov.

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