"Think of the terrible responsibility for cruel bloodshed"

Hunting castle Rominten, September 26, 1895
Dearest Niki!
My uncle Chancellor, telling me how kindly and kindly you accepted him, confessed that you really captivated him with your message, and your knowledge of the political situation and calm manner of judging political interests made a deep impression on him 1. He also informed me that you expressed the wish for me to keep up the correspondence between us and write you when I find it necessary. I do it with pleasure. The situation in the Far East prompted you to talk about it with my uncle, and I thank you for having so kindly responded about my cooperation with Russia on the coal issue. The situation in the Far East, and especially the danger that exists there for Europe and our Christian faith, does not give me rest since we took the first joint steps in the spring. Finally, my thoughts poured into a certain form, which I sketched on paper. I developed this sketch together with one artist, a first-class draftsman, and when he was ready, I ordered him to make an engraving and to replicate it. Here are depicted the European powers, each represented as its own genius; Archangel Michael, sent from heaven, calls upon them to unite in the name of protecting the cross, to resist the invasion of Buddhism, paganism and barbarism. The combined resistance of all European powers, which is also necessary against our common internal enemies: anarchism, republicanism, nihilism, is particularly emphasized. I decide to send you one such engraving and ask her to accept it as a sign of my hot and sincere friendship to you and Russia. Among these peaceful pursuits and calm hunting, I was struck by the amazing news from Paris that the budget committee of the French Chamber of Deputies, when discussing the military budget, proposed to withdraw the XIX Corps (Algeria and Tunisia) and form a new continental corps on my western border! This happened before only once, in 1870, when France fought with us.
A similar project at the time of the fullest world was a thundering blow to Germany and aroused great anxiety. This feeling was all the stronger because the proposal of this became known at the very moment when Prince Lobanov and the gene. Dragomirov officially attended the show of the French "border army" on the border of Lorraine with the frantic jubilation of the local population. This army, as French newspapers have been saying to us for a number of weeks, is intended for the first strike against our border lands in case of a war of revenge. It consists of four buildings against my two (XV and XVI). The proposed new corps will increase the already overwhelming French forces to five corps, which is a threat and a serious danger to my country. Of course, I have to take this matter very seriously. All these events, when your officers receive distinctions and Lobanov are being applauded, and far from flattering remarks are heard to my attacheā€™s ears, make us uneasy here, and the disgusting impression is that if France attacked Germany with the help of Russia, the latter would have reacted to this sympathetically. Such a serious danger will force me to significantly increase the army in order to cope with such a horrific advantage of enemy forces if necessary. Although this will be a very heavy financial burden for us, my people will not for a moment shake before the need to ensure their security. Of course, I have no doubt that you personally do not intend to attack us, but you should not, however, be surprised that the European powers are alarmed to see how the official presence of your officers and high dignitaries in France inflames the passions of ardent French and contributes to the cause of chauvinism and revenge .
God knows, I did everything in my power to preserve peace in Europe, but if France, openly or secretly instigated to this, will continue to violate the rules of international politeness, and the world itself, by its behavior, then one day, my dear Nicky, you will find yourself nolens volens suddenly embroiled in the most terrible war that Europe has ever seen! And in unleashing its masses and history, perhaps, they will accuse you. Do not be angry, please, if I, absolutely unwillingly, grieve you, but I consider it my duty to our countries and to you, my friend, to write to you frankly about this, since your solitude, on the occasion of deep mourning, prevents you from seeing people and prevents to follow in detail what is happening behind the scenes.
I have some political experience, and I see completely undeniable symptoms and therefore I hasten in the name of peace in Europe to seriously warn you, my friend. If you are associated with the French alliance, who vowed to observe "to the grave," - well, then call these damned bastards to order, make them sit back; if not, do not allow your people to go to France and instill to the French that you are allies, and would lightly circle their heads until they lose their mind, otherwise we will have to fight in Europe instead of fighting for Europe against the East!
Think of the terrible responsibility for cruel bloodshed.
Well, farewell, my dear Niki, heartfelt greetings to Alice and believe that I always
your loyal and loyal friend and cousin
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