List of Napoleon's relics in the Hermitage, 1932

13 / x 32



The model of the coronation shoes of Napoleon, made by the shoemaker JACK for 250 francs. Presented to Nicholas I Field Marshal Prince. Volkonsky. 500 r.

Personal seal of Napoleon with the coat of arms and chain of the Legion of Honor on the cornelian carver Santorelli. Rim gold. There is a certificate that Nap., Who wore this signet in many campaigns, presented it on the island of Sts. Elena to General Bertrand, after whose death Prince Alex bought it. Razzivill. Then she was in the assembly. gr. Potocki and Balashevich, from which it was bought on you-op. the decree in 1862 1000 p.

Little Cross of the Order of Poch. The legion On the floor. 150 r.

Road toilet box imp. On the floor. with sir. gilded device consisting of 53 items slave Bienne. On the cover is a plate with engraved coat of arms Napol. In the book ... and the work of Bindahl - Napol. and Alex. I indicated that this box was presented to Nap. Alex I during a date in Erfurt. 10.000 r.

Sword with a golden hilt slave. Bienne with the coat of arms and monograms Napol. I. Donated Napol. Alex I in Erfurt Oct. 8. 1807, 3,500 r.

Two pistols with barrel, blued steel with gold and silver. ornament with the arms Nap. and the Order of the Legion of Honor. Presented at the same time. 2,500 r.

Portfolio Napol. taken under Waterloo with its coat of arms inside:

A) a piece of lace from the bell Napol. on sharp St. Helena with a Charlotte Bonaparte ID;

B) Napoleon's tooth;

B) Napol's hair., Cut off on the day of his death on May 6, 1821 and presented to his wife by the gene. Bertrand gene. Sebastiani. 500 r.

Serebryan, a monogram-based coffee set Napol., Captured at Waterloo by the Prussian infantry regiment of F. Lutzow, who presented it to his chief, Princess Charlotte, subsequently to them. Alec. Fed wife of Nicholas I. 300 p.

Silver gilded inkwell, slave ONE with porr. Letitia Bonaparte slave Taken in 1813 in Kessel Gene. Chernyshev and Alex offered. I. 1000 p.

Three chopped-on medallions with porr. Napol., Maria Louise and Roman. The king. 150 r.

Silver sign of the Westeril Order is set, King. Jerome in 1809 100 p.

Glass crunch, with the emblem and monogram of King Jerome. 100 r.

Gold tobacco, with images. reliefs from the column of Troyan. 1,500 r.

True (signature nerazb.)

According to the list, the received things, in addition to the portfolio with attachments and three carved medallions, received Doryanovsky 13 / X-32 g.

Published: “Hermitage, which we lost”, St. Petersburg, 2001, p. 219 - 220