"And immediately drank"

“It was simple on vodka, it was called“ Moskovskaya ”, there was such a white-green sticker: it is impossible to imagine anything more abstract, in my opinion. And when you look at this green with white, at these black letters - especially in the state of nourishing - you are very strong, half green, and then white, right? Such a horizon, a hieroglyph of infinity. "
“They drank - Armenian,“ Courvoisier ”, when he appeared. I just never really cognac. In cognac, I was more interested in foreign bottles than their contents. Because for a long time I adhered to the Russian idea that “cognac smells like bugs”. And I still have a cool attitude to brandy. Vodka is another matter. And whiskey, when it appeared. "

Joseph Brodsky

“I read so much about the dangers of alcohol! I decided to quit forever ... read. ”
“Alcoholism is curable, drunkenness is not.”
“I used to drink quite a lot. And, accordingly, hung around. Because of this, many thought I was sociable. Although it cost me sober up - and sociability as never happened. "
“Your enemies are cheap port wine and dyed blondes. So, I'm a true Christian. For Christ taught us to love our enemies ... ”
“I only smoke when I drink. And I drink continuously. Therefore, many people mistakenly think that I smoke. ”

Sergey Dovlatov

“Who created our body? - Nature. She lives and destroys it every day. Who has cultivated our spirit? “Alcohol fostered our spirit, and also destroys and lives it, and also constantly.”

“I do not drink the twelfth day, and notice that sobriety is as destructive as physical labor and fresh air”

Venedikt Erofeev

"The crimes of all the systems, and the hoarse hoarse, and the life spots today are measured only by how much beer and vodka is drunk."

Vladimir Mayakovsky

“Drinking and culture are two concepts that mutually exclude each other, like ice and fire, light and darkness.”

Nikolay Semashko

“The myth that a Russian person can drink a lot of vodka is a good myth. And the fact that all Russian alcoholics are already bad. ”

Vladimir Pozner

"Their whole life was such that they were born for vodka, they worked and ruined their health with overwork - for the sake of vodka and went to the next world with the close participation and help of the same vodka."

Arkady Averchenko

“I drink no more than 100 grams. But after drinking 100 grams, I become a different person, and this other person drinks a lot. ”

Emil the Meek

“It is unlikely that vodka will give a person pleasure if you drink it according to a doctor’s prescription and buy it at a pharmacy by prescription.

Evgeny Schwartz

“Indifference, the last saving reaction of the body, has become our defining feature. That is why the popularity of vodka is unprecedented even by Russian scales. This is terrible indifference, when a person sees his life not chipped, not with a broken corner, but so hopelessly fragmented, so far and wide, that only for the sake of alcoholic oblivion it is still worth living. Now, if they banned vodka, a revolution would break out right away. ”

Alexander Solzhenitsyn

"If vodka were for one -

How wonderful it would be!

But always smoke - for two,

But always drink - for three.

What on one?

On one - the cradle and the grave.

Vladimir Vysotsky

"There is no worse vodka."

Viktor Chernomyrdin

"If it were not for life to be sprinkled with vodka, then maybe it would not have given all that monstrous thistle that, under the influence of vodka, blooms with abundant and disgusting chaffs."

Anatoly Lunacharsky

“An institute that sets itself the indispensable goal of opening harmless alcohol use, in all fairness, has no right to be called or be considered scientific ... Therefore, it seems that all those who cherish public funds, public health and the dignity of Russian science have the responsibility to raise their voices institutions of the name of the name. "

Ivan Pavlov

“Our people love to improve the environment for rest. To vodka surrounded by something beautiful - the ship, Italy or football. So that men undress around and water flowed - this is a bath. Or women undress and pour wine - this is love. The main thing - around vodka should be someone else's women, or at least someone else's neighborhood, vodka without it - this is work. ”

Mikhail Zhvanetsky

"Poverty and crime, nervous and mental illness, the degeneration of offspring - that's what makes alcohol."

Vladimir Bekhterev

“There is no excuse for people that a drunk person becomes worse than the dirtiest cattle.”

Konstantin Paustovsky

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