Our enemies. Unity Mitford

In the 1930s, this English aristocrat was too fascinated by Nazi ideas and became an ardent admirer of Adolf Hitler. But her fanaticism ended in tragedy in the park of Munich. In the portrait gallery, Elena Syanova is a close friend of the Fuhrer Unity Valkyrie Mitford.

The project was prepared for the Price of Victory program of the Echo of Moscow radio station.

The daughter of the English lord Unity Valkyrie Mitford was the only woman to marry with whom, at the peak of her career in the 38th-39th years, Hitler approached seriously and even prepared. Hess's sister Margaret mentioned in one of her private letters that in the spring of '39, Hitler asked her if it was true that English aristocrats always get married only in lilac? Margarita replied that the lilac color is the color of the English queen; she has nothing to do with brides. Hitler said to this: "Thank God, I would have looked like a standing dead man next to a purple bride." From which Margaret concluded that Hitler always had a wildish idea of ​​the British.

Unity showed interest in fascism, her sister Jessica - in communism

But here he suggests a different conclusion: if the Führer saw himself next to the “purple bride”, then who was she, if not Lady Unity? By the way, Unity's older sister, Diana, was married to Oswald Mosley, the head of the British Fascist Union, and the youngest, Jessica, was a communist and fought in Spain. Everything that I know about Unity's personality and her relationship with Hitler, I told in the novel The Nest of the Eagle, but some details of the historical background against which these relations were captured are interesting.

Unity Mitford, 1935

Unity was English. It was England of the 20s and 30s that formed her personality, which, like a sponge, absorbed the fascist spirit. She began with a vigorous protest, with a semi-childish outrage of the British high society, who criminally, in her words, isolated herself from the troubles of the time. For example, appearing on balls in a black shirt, a black shirt, an English Nazi uniform, for some time she believed in Mosley as the leader who would pull Britain out of the swamp. To her chagrin, Mosley was unable to get proper funding from capital, and Unity was impatient, she longed for scope. But in Germany at this time - parades, torchlight processions, speeches, crowds, delight. And in the midst of all this - he.

Unity was delighted with the führer, and he from her

“When I saw Adolf for the first time,” Unity wrote from Munich to her parents, “I realized that I couldn’t think of anyone else anymore.” Parents immediately understood their daughter correctly: Hitler is the person she would like to marry. There is evidence that she made a strong impression on Hitler, especially her bright Aryan appearance. “Lady Unity is the only woman whom the Führer allows to talk a lot in her society,” stated Goebbels.

Diana and Unity Mitford give the Nazi salute

Unity starts to accompany Hitler everywhere, participates in party events, speaks at rallies. On the radio, she solemnly promises the Germans that her country will never fight with Germany. It is curious that in relation to the British press to the adventures of Unity in fascist Germany, one can judge the evolution of British public opinion about Hitler's regime: from benevolent curiosity to the future Mrs. Hitler to complete rejection and direct insults of the crazy Valkyrie.

Versions of spying Unity in favor of Britain by historians have been faithfully refuted. If she transmitted any confidential information, then just the other way, to Hitler. Unity, who personally knew the rules of British politics, explained to him the essence of Churchill's personality, who, having stood at the helm, he, Hitler, would never recognize, in spite of any political alignment.

After the British declared war on Germany, Unity tried to shoot herself.

The spring of '38 is the peak of Unity's attitude and determination towards his idol. In England, she burned all the bridges as a fascist anti-Semitic, old friends turned away from her, the family of her behavior and choice does not accept. In addition, with all the games in politics, Unity remained a woman, whose whole being rejected the terrible thing that was approaching Europe - a war. The poor thing still hoped that she would be able to pacify Adolf's belligerence, but, alas, this Valkyrie did not live in legend.

Unity Mitford and Adolf Hitler

September 1, 1939 was a death blow to her. And on September 3rd, when British Ambassador Henderson handed Ribbentrop a note declaring war on Germany, Unity wandered around Munich for a long time, then sat on a park bench and shot herself in the head. At this moment, an orchestra suddenly struck nearby on the square - some kind of labor front event began. Unity shuddered violently and the bullet went tangentially. Then she shot the second time. This bullet is stuck in the temporal bone. Extract it and could not. The note that Unity left to Hitler before the suicide attempt was partially published, but, in my opinion, much more interesting than the other, which she wrote to her sisters and girlfriend in March 40th, in London, when after many months of coma came to life: “My Dear, I dream to see you all at home. All this was a very long and bad dream. Now I woke up and smile at the setting sun. The day was so short. Valkyrie".

She died in the 48th year of paralysis. Beautiful, strong, criminally mistaken and waking up just before death.

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