"The great mind does not lead to happiness"

On August 24, Stephen Fry, actor, writer, carrier of reference English spirit, celebrates his 59th birthday. The British call it “national treasure”, and people all over the world catch every word they utter. That the birthday man thinks about love, happiness and the meaning of life - in a festive selection of quotes.

“In happy youth, there is something that makes me sad, do you not find?”

"If you are a decent person, well, at least half, you were probably driven out somewhere ..."

"The great mind does not lead to happiness"

"And just as the love of money is the root of all evil, faith in shamelessness is the root of all disasters."

Young Stephen Fry

“Original thought? Nothing is easier. Libraries are just stuffed with them. ”

“A life capable of bestowing upon you with unprecedented generosity constantly beats those who have surrendered”

“Information surrounds us from all sides, and now this statement looks even more fair than at any other moment of human history. The only reason people don’t know something is because they don’t want to know it. They are not curious. Non-cognition is the most ancient and dumbest of human vices. ”

“If you think about it, love has no purpose - this makes it so magnificent”

Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry play chess. Cambridge, 1980

"The time that is wasted on remorse is better spent on something to learn."

“If you can't be a good example, try to be a terrifying warning.”

“As you grow older, you find that the generations that follow you are useless, unintelligible, uneducated, and in their mass are far more piggy ignorant and incredibly stupid than your own — this is the discovery every generation makes ...”

“When we stop talking and laughing, we understand that everything is already over”

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