"God Save the Queen": Elizabeth II Celebrates 90th Anniversary

On April 21, 1926, exactly 90 years ago, “Princess Lilibet” was born, who would later become Queen Elizabeth II. Today, Elizabeth II is the world's oldest active monarch and record holder for the duration of his stay on the British throne. "Amateur" joins the congratulations and publishes a selection of funny photos of the Queen of Great Britain.

90 years of Queen Elizabeth II in 90 seconds

Star from birth

It was not necessary to be clairvoyant to prophesy the daughter of Prince Albert and Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon a bright future. She found popularity in her very childhood: at the age of 3, little Lilibet got on the cover of Time magazine.

Princess on the cover of Time magazine, 1929.

Initially, the girl wanted to give the name Victoria, but later changed her mind. They baptized the princess under the name Elizabeth in the chapel of Buckingham Palace on May 25, 1926. And in 1930, when Elizabeth could already walk without help, she had a single sister - Princess Margaret.

Princess on a walk, 1930.

Initially, by the way, Elizabeth was not even considered as a real candidate for the throne, since the subjects waited for the heir to the throne from the young Prince Edward. However, Edward was forced to abdicate, then 10-year-old Elizabeth became the heir to the throne and moved with her parents to Buckingham Palace.

The future queen plays with dogs, 1936.

Military youth

The war began when Elizabeth was only 13. Having matured a little, she insisted that her parents allow her to enter military service. Graceful Elizabeth went to a completely inappropriate, seemingly for her job - a truck driver.

Princess Elizabeth is changing the wheel of a car, 1940s.

Elizabeth rose to lieutenant in five months. Also, by the way, there is reason to believe that she is currently the only veteran of World War II who has not retired.

The future queen participates in a military parade, 1947.

On the throne

On February 6, 1952, after the death of Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, she was proclaimed Queen of Great Britain. The coronation ceremony of Elizabeth II took place in Westminster Abbey and became the first coronation of the British monarch, broadcast on television.

Coronation of Elizabeth II, June 2, 1953

Even at 21, Queen Elizabeth married the officer of the British fleet she liked - Philip Mountbetten, who, having become the husband of Elizabeth, was given the title of Duke of Edinburgh. A year after the wedding, the young couple had a son, Prince Charles, and two years later, a daughter, Princess Anna. In general, Philip and Elizabeth seem to love children very much, because they didn’t stop there - in 1960 they had Prince Andrew, and in 1964 - Prince Edward.

Queen Elizabeth II plays with Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, 1965

During her reign, Elizabeth II had to survive the conflict in Northern Ireland, the Falkland War, the war, and Afghanistan and Iraq. However, in spite of everything, the authority of the queen in Britain still remains indisputable.

Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Combermer barracks

Elizabeth II: “My age is my wealth”, 2010

Picture 10. Elizabeth II refuses to sit on the throne forged from swords from the Game of Thrones

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