"For the complete defeat of the German invaders!"

Report at a ceremonial meeting of the Moscow Council of Workers' Deputies with the party and public organizations in Moscow on November 6, 1941.

Comrades! It has been 24 years since the October Socialist Revolution triumphed in our country and the Soviet system was established in our country. We are now on the threshold of the next, the 25th year of the existence of the Soviet system. Usually, the ceremonial meetings on the anniversary of the October Revolution sum up our successes in the field of peaceful construction over the past year. We really have the opportunity to sum up such results, since our success in the field of peaceful construction is growing not only from year to year, but from month to month. What kind of success this is and how great it is, it is known to everyone - both friends and enemies. But the past year is not only a year of peaceful construction. At the same time, it is a year of war with the German invaders who have treacherously attacked our peace-loving country. Only during the first six months of the past year did we have a chance to continue our peaceful construction work. The second half of the year, more than 4 months, takes place in an atmosphere of fierce war with the German imperialists. The war thus became a turning point in the development of our country over the past year. The war has significantly reduced, and in some areas completely ceased our peaceful construction work. She forced to rebuild all our work on a military basis. It turned our country into a single and comprehensive rear, serving the front, serving our Red Army, our Navy. The period of peaceful construction is over. The period of the war of liberation against the German invaders began. It is therefore appropriate to raise the question of the results of the war for the second half of the past year, in fact, more than four months of the second half of the year, and of the tasks that we set ourselves in this liberation war.
The course of the war for 4 months

I have already said in one of my speeches at the beginning of the war that war posed a dangerous threat to our country, that a serious danger hung over our country, that we needed to understand, recognize this danger and restructure all our work in a military manner. Now, as a result of the 4 months of the war, I must emphasize that this danger not only did not weaken, but, on the contrary, intensified even more. The enemy seized most of Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, a number of other areas, climbed into the Donbass, hung a black cloud over Leningrad, threatening our glorious capital - Moscow. The German fascist invaders rob our country, destroy cities and villages created by the labors of workers, peasants and intellectuals. Hitler's hordes kill and rape civilians in our country, not sparing women, children, old people. Our brothers in the German-occupied areas of our country groan under the yoke of the German oppressors.
Streams of enemy blood were shed by the soldiers of our army and navy, defending the honor and freedom of the motherland, courageously fighting off the attacks of the brutal enemy, giving samples of courage and heroism. But the enemy does not stop in front of the victims, he doesn’t cherish his soldiers ’blood a bit, he throws more and more troops to the front to replace those who have been out of action and is straining to seize Leningrad and Moscow before the onset of winter, for he knows that winter does not bode well for him.
During the 4 months of the war, we lost 350 thousand dead and 378 thousand people missing, and the wounded we have 1 million 20 thousand people. During the same period, the enemy lost more than 4 and a half million people killed, wounded and captured. There can be no doubt that as a result of the 4 months of the war, Germany, whose human reserves are already running low, turned out to be much more weakened than the Soviet Union, whose reserves are only now fully deployed.
The failure of the "lightning war"

In undertaking the attack on our country, the fascist German invaders believed that they would surely be able to “end” the Soviet Union in a month or two and a half and would be able to reach the Urals in this short time. It must be said that the Germans did not conceal this plan of a “lightning” victory. On the contrary, they advertised it in every possible way. The facts, however, showed all the frivolity and groundlessness of the "lightning" plan. Now this crazy plan must be considered completely failed. How can one explain that the “blitzkrieg”, which had succeeded in Western Europe, failed and failed in the east? What did the fascist German strategists count on, arguing that they would finish the Soviet Union in two months and reach the Urals in this short time?
First of all, they hoped that they seriously hoped to create a general coalition against the USSR, to involve Great Britain and the USA in this coalition, having previously intimidated the ruling circles of these countries with the specter of revolution, and thus completely isolate our country from other powers. The Germans knew that their politics of the game in contradictions between the classes of individual states and between these states and the Soviet country had already yielded results in France, the rulers of which, letting themselves be intimidated by the ghost of the revolution, put their homeland to Hitler’s feet, refusing to resist. The fascist German strategists thought that the same thing would happen to the UK and the USA. The notorious Hess, in fact, was sent to England by the German fascists in order to convince the British politicians to join the general campaign against the USSR. But the Germans miscalculated. The UK and the USA, in spite of Hess's efforts, not only did not join the German fascist aggressors against the USSR, but, on the contrary, found themselves in the same camp with the USSR against Hitler's Germany. The USSR not only did not turn out to be isolated, but, on the contrary, acquired new allies in the person of Great Britain, the United States and other countries occupied by the Germans. It turned out that the German policy of the game in contradictions and in intimidation by the ghost of the revolution had exhausted itself and was no longer suitable for the new situation. And not only is it no good, but it is still fraught with great dangers for the German invaders, for it leads in the new conditions of the war to directly opposite results. The Germans counted, secondly, on the fragility of the Soviet system, the fragility of the Soviet rear, believing that after the first serious blow and the first failures of the Red Army, conflicts between workers and peasants would begin, a slug would begin between the peoples of the USSR, revolts would take place and the country would fall into its component parts that should facilitate the advance of the German invaders down to the Urals. But the Germans and here cruelly miscalculated. The failures of the Red Army not only did not weaken, but, on the contrary, further strengthened both the union of the workers and peasants and the friendship of the peoples of the USSR. Moreover, they turned the family of the peoples of the USSR into a single, indestructible camp, selflessly supporting their Red Army, their Red Fleet. Never before has the Soviet rear been as strong as it is now. It is likely that any other state, having such a loss of territory as we have now, would not have stood the test and would have decayed. If the Soviet system so easily withstood the test and strengthened its rear even more, then this means that the Soviet system is now the most durable system.
The German invaders were finally counting on the weakness of the Red Army and the Red Fleet, believing that the German army and the German fleet would succeed in overthrowing and dissipating our army and our fleet from the very first strike, opening the way for our unhindered advance into our country. But the Germans and here cruelly miscalculated, overestimating their strength and underestimating our army and our fleet. Of course, our army and our fleet are still young, they have only been fighting for 4 months, they have not yet had time to become fully cadre, whereas they have before them a cadre fleet and a cadre army of Germans who have fought a war for 2 years.
But, first, the morale of our army is higher than that of the German one, because it protects its Homeland from foreign invaders and believes in the rightness of its cause, while the German army wages a war of conquest and robs a foreign country without being able to believe for even a minute in the rightness of their vile deeds. There can be no doubt that the idea of ​​defending our Fatherland, in the name of what our people are fighting for, should give rise and really gives rise to heroes in our army who cement the Red Army, while the idea of ​​capturing and robbing a foreign country, in the name of which the Germans actually wage war , should and does create in the German army professional robbers, deprived of any moral principles and decomposing the German army.
Secondly, moving into the depths of our country, the German army is moving away from its German rear, forced to wield in a hostile environment, forced to create a new rear in a foreign country, besides being destroyed by our partisans, which fundamentally disorganizes the supply of the German army, makes it afraid of its rear and it kills faith in the strength of its position, while our army operates in its native environment, enjoys the uninterrupted support of its rear, has a secure supply of people, ammunition, food and firmly believe in its rear.
That is why our army turned out to be stronger than the Germans had supposed, and the German army was weaker than one might have supposed, judging by the boastful advertisements of the German invaders. The defense of Leningrad and Moscow, where our divisions recently destroyed a dozen three personnel divisions of the Germans, shows that new Soviet fighters and commanders, pilots, gunners, mortar pilots, tank crews, infantrymen, sailors who will turn into a thunderstorm tomorrow are forged and have already been forged for the German army. There is no doubt that all these circumstances, taken together, predetermined the inevitability of the collapse of the “blitzkrieg” in the east.
The reasons for the temporary failures of our army

All this is true, of course. But it is also true that, along with these favorable conditions, there are still a number of unfavorable conditions for the Red Army, by virtue of which our army suffers temporary setbacks, is forced to retreat, is forced to surrender to the enemy a number of regions of our country. What are these unfavorable conditions? Where are the reasons for the military failures of the Red Army? One of the reasons for the failure of the Red Army is the lack of a second front in Europe against the German fascist troops. The fact is that currently there are no armies of Great Britain or the United States of America on the European continent that would wage war against the German fascist troops, which is why the Germans do not have to crush their forces and wage war on two fronts - in the west and in the east. Well, this circumstance leads to the fact that the Germans, considering their rear in the west secured, have the opportunity to move all their troops and the troops of their allies in Europe against our country.
The situation is now such that our country is leading a war of liberation alone, without any military assistance, against the united forces of the Germans, Finns, Romanians, Italians, Hungarians. The Germans boast about their temporary successes and extol their army without measure, asserting that it can always defeat the Red Army in one-on-one battles. But the Germans' assurances represent an empty boast, for it is not clear why, in this case, the Germans resorted to the help of the Finns, Romanians, Italians, Hungarians against the Red Army, which was fighting solely with its own forces, without military assistance. There is no doubt that the absence of a second front in Europe against the Germans greatly facilitates the position of the German army. But there can be no doubt that the appearance of a second front on the continent of Europe - and it should certainly appear in the near future - will greatly facilitate the position of our army to the detriment of the German one.
Another reason for the temporary failures of our army is our lack of tanks and, in part, aircraft. In modern warfare it is very difficult for infantry to fight without tanks and without sufficient air cover from the air. Our aviation is superior in quality to German aviation, and our glorious pilots have covered themselves with the glory of fearless fighters. But we still have less airplanes than the Germans. Our tanks are superior in quality to the German tanks, and our glorious tankmen and gunners more than once put the vaunted German troops and their numerous tanks to flight. But we still have several times fewer tanks than the Germans. This is the secret of the temporary successes of the German army. It cannot be said that our tank industry is working poorly and is supplying our front with few tanks. No, it works very well and produces a lot of excellent tanks. But the Germans produce much more tanks, for they now have at their disposal not only their tank industry, but also the industry of Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Holland, France. Without this circumstance, the Red Army would long ago have defeated the German army, which does not go into battle without tanks and cannot withstand the blow of our units if it does not have superiority in tanks.
There is only one means necessary to nullify the superiority of the Germans in tanks and thereby fundamentally improve the position of our army. This means is not only to increase the production of tanks in our country several times, but also to dramatically increase the production of anti-tank aircraft, anti-tank guns and guns, anti-tank grenades and mortars, build more anti-tank ditches and all sorts of other anti-tank obstacles. This is the challenge now. We can accomplish this task, and we must accomplish it by all means!
Who are the "national socialists"?

The German invaders, that is, the Nazis, we are usually called fascists. The Nazis, it turns out, consider this wrong and stubbornly continue to call themselves "National Socialists." Consequently, the Germans want to assure us that the party of the Nazis, the party of the German invaders, plundering Europe and organizing a villainous attack on our socialist state, is a socialist party. Is it possible? What can be common between socialism and the brutal Nazi invaders, robbing and oppressing the peoples of Europe? Can the Nazis be considered nationalists? No you can not. In fact, the Nazis are now not nationalists, but imperialists. As long as the Nazis were engaged in collecting German lands and reuniting the Rhineland, Austria, etc., they could be considered nationalists with a certain reason. But after they captured foreign territories and enslaved European nations - Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Norwegians, Danes, Dutch, Belgians, French, Serbs, Greeks, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Balts, etc., and began to seek world domination, Hitler's the party has ceased to be nationalistic, because from that moment on it became an imperialist, aggressive, oppressive party. The party of the Nazis is the party of the imperialists, and, moreover, the most predatory and robber imperialists among all the imperialists of the world. Can the Nazis be considered socialists? No you can not. In fact, the Nazis are the sworn enemies of socialism, the worst reactionaries and the Black Hundreds, who have deprived the working class and the peoples of Europe of elementary democratic freedoms. In order to cover up their reactionary-Black-Hundred essence, the Hitlerites scold the Anglo-American internal regime with the plutocratic regime. But in England and the USA there are elementary democratic freedoms, there are trade unions of workers and employees, there are workers' parties, there is a parliament, and in Germany under Hitler’s regime all these institutions were destroyed. One has only to compare these two series of facts in order to understand the reactionary essence of the Hitler regime and the entire falsity of the chatter of the German fascists about the Anglo-American plutocratic regime. In fact, the Hitler regime is a copy of the reactionary regime that existed in Russia during the tsars. It is known that the Hitlerites are just as willingly violating the rights of workers, the rights of intellectuals and the rights of peoples, as the tsarist regime trampled upon them, that they also willingly arranged medieval Jewish pogroms, as their tsarist regime arranged. The Hitler Party is the party of the enemies of democratic freedoms, the party of medieval reaction and the Black Hundred pogroms. And if these fierce imperialists and the worst reactionaries still continue to dress up in the toga of “nationalists” and “socialists”, then they do this in order to deceive the people, fool the simpletons and cover up their predatory imperialist essence with the flag of “nationalism” and “socialism”. Crows dressed in peacock feathers. But no matter how the crows disguised themselves with peacock feathers, they will not cease to be crows. “We need by any means,” says Hitler, “to ensure that the world was conquered by the Germans. If we want to create our great German empire, we must first oust and exterminate the Slavic peoples - Russians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Bulgarians, Ukrainians, Belarusians. Нет никаких причин не сделать этого». «Человек, - говорит Гитлер, - грешен от рождения, управлять им можно только с помощью силы. В обращении с ним позволительны любые методы. Когда этого требует политика, надо лгать, предавать и даже убивать». «Убивайте, - говорит Геринг, - каждого, кто против нас, убивайте, убивайте, не вы несёте ответственность за это, а я, поэтому убивайте!» «Я освобождаю человека, - говорит Гитлер, - от унижающей химеры, которая называется совестью.Conscience, like education, cripples a person. I have the advantage that no theoretical or moral considerations hold me back. ” In one of the orders of the German command dated September 25, the 489th infantry regiment taken from the killed German non-commissioned officer reads: “I order to open fire on each Russian as soon as he appears 600 meters away. A Russian must know that he has a decisive enemy against him, from whom he cannot expect any indulgence. ” In one of the appeals of the German command to the soldiers, found in the murdered lieutenant Gustav Ziegel, a native of Frankfurt am Main, it says: “You have no heart and nerves, they are not needed in war. Destroy in yourself pity and compassion - kill every Russian, Soviet, do not stop, if you are an old man or woman, girl or boy, kill, you will save yourself from death, secure the future of your family and become forever glorified. ”
Here you have the program and instructions of the leaders of the Hitler party and Hitler’s command, the program and instructions of people who have lost their human appearance and have fallen to the level of wild animals. And these people, deprived of conscience and honor, people with the morality of animals have the audacity to call for the destruction of the great Russian nation - the nation of Plekhanov and Lenin, Belinsky and Chernyshevsky, Pushkin and Tolstoy, Glinka and Tchaikovsky, Gorky and Chekhov, Sechenov and Pavlov, Repin and Surikov , Suvorov and Kutuzov! ... The German invaders want to have a war of extermination with the peoples of the USSR. Well, if the Germans want to have a war of extermination, they will get it. From now on, our task, the task of the peoples of the USSR, the task of the fighters, commanders and political workers of our army and our fleet will be to exterminate all the Germans who have penetrated into the territory of our Motherland as its occupiers. No mercy for the German invaders! Death to the German invaders!
The defeat of the German imperialists and their armies is inevitable.

The mere fact that, in their moral degradation, the German invaders, having lost their human form, had long since fallen to the level of wild animals, this alone indicates that they have condemned themselves to inevitable death. But the imminent death of the Nazi invaders and their armies is determined not only by moral factors. There are three main factors, whose strength is growing day by day and which should lead in the near future to the inevitable defeat of Hitler's predatory imperialism.
This is, firstly, the fragility of the European rear of imperialist Germany, the fragility of the "new order" in Europe. The German invaders enslaved the peoples of the European continent from France to the Soviet Baltic, from Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Soviet Belorussia to the Balkans and Soviet Ukraine, deprived them of elementary democratic freedoms, deprived them of the right to dispose of their destiny, deprived them of bread, meat, raw materials , turned them into their slaves, crucified the Poles, Czechs, Serbs on the cross and decided that, having achieved domination in Europe, they can now build on this basis world domination in Germany. This is what they call the “new order in Europe”. But what is this "basis", what is this "new order"? Only Hitler's narcissistic fools do not see that the “new order” in Europe and the notorious “basis” of this order represent a volcano ready to explode at any moment and bury the German imperialist house of cards. They cite Napoleon, asserting that Hitler acts like Napoleon, and that he resembles Napoleon in everything. But, first of all, one should not forget about the fate of Napoleon. And secondly, Hitler is no more like Napoleon than a kitten is like a lion, because Napoleon fought against reaction forces, relying on progressive forces, Hitler, on the contrary, relies on reactionary forces, leading the fight against progressive forces. Only the Hitlerite fools from Berlin cannot understand that the enslaved peoples of Europe will fight and will rebel against Hitler’s tyranny. Who can doubt that the USSR, Great Britain and the United States will give full support to the peoples of Europe in their liberation struggle against Hitler’s tyranny?
This is, secondly, the instability of the German rear of the Nazi invaders. While the Nazis were engaged in the gathering of Germany, broken into pieces by the Versailles Treaty, they could have the support of the German people, inspired by the ideal of restoring Germany. But after this task was resolved, and the Nazis embarked on the path of imperialism, on the path of seizing foreign lands and conquering other peoples, turning the Europeans and the peoples of the USSR into sworn enemies of present-day Germany, there was a profound change in the German people against the elimination of war. More than two years of bloody war, the end of which is not yet visible; millions of human victims; hunger; impoverishment; epidemics; the atmosphere is hostile to the Germans; Hitler's stupid policy, which turned the peoples of the USSR into the sworn enemies of present-day Germany — all this could not help turning the German people against an unnecessary and ruinous war. Only the Hitlerite fools cannot understand that not only the European rear, but also the German rear of the German troops represents a volcano, ready to explode and bury the Hitlerite adventurers.
It is, finally, a coalition of the USSR, Great Britain and the United States of America against the German fascist imperialists. It is a fact that Great Britain, the United States of America and the Soviet Union united in a single camp, which set itself the goal of defeating the nazi imperialists and their invading armies. Modern war is a war of motors. The war will win the one who will have an overwhelming dominance in the production of engines. If we combine the motor production of the USA, Great Britain and the USSR, then we will get a predominance in motors compared with Germany, at least three times. This is one of the foundations for the inevitable death of Hitler's predatory imperialism.
The recent conference of the three powers in Moscow with the participation of the representative of Great Britain Mr. Beaverbrook and the representative of the USA Mr. Harriman decided to systematically help our country with tanks and aircraft. As you know, we have already begun to receive tanks and aircraft on the basis of this decree. Earlier, Great Britain provided our country with such scarce materials as aluminum, lead, tin, nickel, and rubber. If we add to this the fact that the other day the United States decided to grant the Soviet Union a loan of $ 1 billion, then we can say with confidence that the coalition of the United States of America, Great Britain and the USSR is a real deal that grows and will grow for the good our liberation case. These are the factors that determine the imminent death of Nazi imperialism.
Our tasks

Lenin distinguished two kinds of wars - wars of conquest and therefore unjust and wars of liberation, just. The Germans are now waging a war of conquest, unjust, designed to seize foreign territory and conquer foreign peoples. Therefore, all honest people must rise against the German invaders as against enemies.
In contrast

from Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union and its allies are waging a war of liberation, just, designed to liberate the enslaved peoples of Europe and the USSR from Hitler’s tyranny. Therefore, all honest people should support the army of the USSR, Great Britain and other allies as liberation armies. We do not have and cannot have such goals of war as the seizure of foreign territories, the conquest of other peoples, it doesn’t matter if we are talking about the peoples and territories of Europe or the peoples and territories of Asia, including Iran. Our first goal is to liberate our territories and our peoples from the German fascist yoke. We do not have and cannot have such goals of war as imposing our will and our regime on the Slavic and other enslaved peoples of Europe, who are waiting for our help.
Our goal

is to help these peoples in their liberation struggle against Hitler's tyranny and then give them completely free to settle on their land as they wish. No interference in the internal affairs of other nations! But in order to accomplish these goals, it is necessary to crush the military power of the German invaders, it is necessary to exterminate every single German invaders who have penetrated into our homeland for its enslavement. But for this, it is necessary for our army and our fleet to have active and active support from the whole of our country, for our workers and employees, men and women, to work in enterprises, tirelessly, and give the front more and more tanks, anti-tank guns and guns, airplanes, cannons, mortars, machine guns, rifles, ammunition, so that our collective farmers, men and women, work in their fields, not working their hands, and give the front and the country more and more bread, meat, raw materials for industries so that our whole country and sun Soviet peoples were organized into a single military camp, lead together with our Army and Navy of the great war of liberation for the honor and freedom of our country, for the defeat of the German armies. This is the challenge now. We can and we must complete this task. Only by completing this task and defeating the German invaders, can we achieve a lasting and just peace. For the complete defeat of the German invaders! For the liberation of all the oppressed peoples who are moaning under the yoke of Hitler's tyranny! Long live the indestructible friendship of the peoples of the Soviet Union! Long live our Red Army and our Red Fleet! Long live our glorious Motherland!

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