"Your pig with the piglets on the back bows to you"


Olga Leonardovna Chekhova

Leontievsky per., D. Katyk.

The dog is cute, today a letter has finally arrived, but in what a pitiful form! It was written in such vile ink that it stuck together, and when I wanted to separate the inner pages from one another, there was a crackling sound, and the letter broke, whole lines stuck to another page and came off. I really do not know how to explain this filth.

Now you are in a new apartment, I already congratulated; now congratulations again, I bow, I send a thousand greetings. I go in new boots. Tomorrow Orlenev plays here in the Atonement, I will probably go if it doesn't rain. And the rain every now and then, coldness, dirt, snow on the mountains. I am sick of you with descriptions of the weather, but what to do, darling, except for you I have no one to complain.

You have not written to me how you have in your new apartment, is it good, is it spacious?

Your pig with the piglets on the back bows to you. Schnap is well; yesterday he devoured himself with raw meat (grandmother fed in the kitchen), got sick, vomited, and so on; now nothing We don't have mice.

Dusik is my dear, dog, be at ease, be healthy, do not be depressed, write to me more than once a week. Who knows, maybe you haven't stopped loving me yet. No matter how, I kiss you a million times and pinch you.

Your A.

March 15, 1904


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