Optional history. Interesting facts about Ivan Andreevich Krylov

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When Ivan Andreevich Krylov was still a little boy and lived with his mother in Orenburg, Emelyan Pugachev already knew on which street he would hang him. Pugachev had such a special list, where someone was executed, by rank and name, a responsible person approached the case, while Krylov had a father — the captain, how could it not be hanged, the city was big, there was enough room for everyone. So everyone who was then indignant, oh, how much our Ivan Andreevich eats - sorry, I had the right. In childhood, I got hungry.

Although, honestly, eating as much as Krylov ate is, of course, not at any gate. It seems that all his friends and acquaintances were engaged only in those who thought of how to feed Ivan Andreevich. Not a friend, but some punishment, by golly. You can’t just call on guests like this: you have to cook ear for two days before exhaustion, fry a pig and bake it stretching, as if not a person, but going to treat a whole regiment; it is also useless to talk with him - after dinner Krylov sleeps himself quietly in the corner and digests himself, because well, what kind of talk is there if you eat for four alone? If you want to gossip with him or find out something personal, he keeps silent.

Krylov did not look very: sloppy, stained, dressed somehow

Krylov also looked, quite frankly, not very: always some kind of scruffy, dirty, dressed somehow, there are not enough buttons here, the sleeves are worn out there. Once, when Krylov was going to a masquerade and consulted to whom to dress up, some mistress said to him directly that you, Ivan Andreevich, just need to wash your hair and comb your hair, and no one will recognize you. It is terrible to come home to Krylov: dust, dirt, sometimes there is no place to sit down, in the apartment pigeons fly and eat from the carpet. The mess is uttermost. For some reason, Krylov even managed to select the stupid servants: his maid, for example, heated the stove with Greek classics. Took on a small book from under the bed - and into the fire. So what? Krylov still doesn’t need books, he learned Greek in fifty years, boasted and abandoned a couple of times, but he had to be melted every day.

They say Krylov was thrifty. Not really believe there was a passion for cards

They say Krylov was thrifty. It is not very hard to believe, because firstly, the passion for cards (then quit), secondly, the apartment was expensively furnished, thirdly, if you didn’t adequately feed a guest, you run into a restaurant, so that frugality was reduced to not pay for the driver, and go on foot. Here Ivan Andreevich saved. True, it usually broke down halfway and the rest went, in general, for the same money as the whole road, but sometimes it went stubbornly, counting steps. I came to somebody and reported: from Gostiny Dvor to your house there are so many thousands of steps.

Krylov - the soul of the company and you can not find someone who would not like him

And so, with all this, Krylov is the soul of the company and try to find at least one person who would not like him. And somehow everything forgiven him in absentia, even when, instead of kissing the hand of the empress, he accidentally sneezed on it. And why? And all because fables! Listening to Krylov's fables adored everything, he composed them very well! Well, maybe not personally, but Sumarokov ... Well, not Sumarokov - La Fontaine ... Okay, Aesop. But the fable is still good!

Having written so much for children, Krylov never got a family

Having written so much for the children, Krylov never got a family, at least officially. Instead, there was Levushka, the younger brother. Levushka served his whole life, called Ivan Andreevich a little girl and asked him to send him money. They could not see each other for ten years, but Krylov sent the money regularly. Yes, and why not send two hundred rubles, when you do not need. Levushka died first, Ivan Andreevich survived his brother by twenty years. By the way, why did everyone decide that he drank pancakes to death? Normal inflammation of the lungs.

Author: Olga Andreeva

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