"The heartlessness of the rich legitimizes the bad behavior of the poor"

“Anyone who wants to fight alone against the public interest should know that he will perish”

“Being slandered is a test of cleanliness from which a virtuous person comes unspotted.”

“You can replace beds, tables and dressers, but not ideas. Their loss is irreplaceable. ”

“Those who are considered omniscient are indecisive at the moment when it is necessary to command, and stubborn when to obey. To give orders is a shame to them, to receive them is disgrace. ”

“There can be no just law that orders a person who has nothing to respect another who has everything”

Portrait of the Marquis de Sade by Charles Amedee Philippe van Loo, 1760

"There is not a single living person who would not want to play a despot if he has a strong character"

“Nothing inspires as the first unpunished crime”

“A vice is born from satiation, and crime is born amid sin”

“The jealous man is not at all driven by love for a woman, but by the fear of humiliation that he may experience because of her infidelity.”

“Happiness is not in pleasure, but in desire; it means breaking all the barriers to the fulfillment of desire "

Fictional portrait of the Marquis de Sade, engraving of the XIX century

"People condemn passions, forgetting that philosophy ignites its torch from their fire"

“As soon as a person begins to justify his actions, he ceases to be virtuous.”

“Convince others to trust you - and you won”

"Never cause more pain than you would like to take from the hands of others."

“My way of thinking did not bring me unhappiness. They were caused by the thoughts of others. ”

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