Berlinale: "Utoya, 22. July" by Eric Poppe

Summer day in the youth camp. Teens in the break between barbecue and swimming learn about the explosion in Oslo. Not really understanding what happened, they are trying to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation. Until suddenly they hear shots on an island that seemed like the safest place.

Panic covers everyone. What to do, where to run? What's happening? Who shoots and why? Children have telephones, but such a powerful weapon as a link is useless. Of course, sitting in the chair, it is easy to be rational and to reason in the spirit: "Could call parents or the police, then help would have come earlier." They could, and they called. But the emergency services responded extremely long, and when they picked up the phone and heard a plea for help, they began to ask bureaucratic questions on the list.

It’s impossible for us, today, to imagine ourselves on an island stunned by shooting from an unknown source. Actually, the film begins with this thesis: the main character speaks to her mother on the phone, she uses a headset, so at first it seems that the girl is talking to us. And she says something like this: “You still can’t understand, imagine. Just listen to what I'm saying, ok? ”And further events prove that we really can't imagine all that horror.

The central characters are fictional, but all events are restored according to the memories of survivors. Against the backdrop of a scathing nightmare, examples of personal courage are shown.

The thesis about state institutions as protectors of citizens is sounding downward. In the story, the police and any other services never appear on the island. A simple woman begins to take out the children in her own motorboat. In the summer camp organized by the ruling Workers Party, many older teens were interested in politics, believed in the power of state institutions. These were future active citizens ready to support the construction of the state where they grew up. But life has shown them that the system needs reform, no one can rely on anyone fully, except for himself.

The Third World War, about which scientists spoke as about the instant death of the entire planet, seems to be already underway. And it is created by the hands of political and religious fanatics. Being in the global information world, we are less and less immune to being on the front line of warriors like Breivik.

Watch the video: Award Ceremony Gala Highlights. Berlinale 2019 (January 2020).


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