The manifesto of the three-day sergement



Emperor and Autocrat


and so on, and so forth, and so forth.

We declare to all OUR loyal subjects.

The law of God in the ten commandments NAM taught teaches us to devote the seventh day to it; why on the present day the triumph of the faith of the Christian is glorified, and in which we were honored to accept the sacred peace of the anointing and the Tsar on the Ancestral Throne OUR wedding, honor our duty to our Creator and all blessings by the giver to confirm throughout the OUR Empire about the exact and indispensable of this law, enforcing and to everyone to observe, so that no one, under any circumstances, would dare to force the peasants to work on Sundays, especially since for rural products the six days remaining in the week for an equal number of them in general shared, both for the peasants themselves, and for their work in favor of the landowners of the following, with good disposition, they will be sufficient to satisfy every economic need. It is given in Moscow on the day of Holy Pascha on the 5th of April 1797.


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