"My name is Bond, James Bond." How to make the first super spy movie

British film actor and producer Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930. He is an Oscar laureate, a two-time BAFTA laureate, a three-time Golden Globe laureate. Connery starred in more than 70 films, including seven screen versions of the works of Ian Fleming, where Connery played the main role - James Bond. Diletant.media recalls how they shot the first film about the British superspy.
"Doctor No" (eng. Dr. No) - the first film in the movie series about the British superspy James Bond. The plot is as follows. By order of NASA, Strangweise, a British SIS intelligence officer in Jamaica, is looking for reasons for the fall of US space rockets. At the appointed time, he does not communicate with the headquarters. The task of investigating this mysterious disappearance was assigned to James Bond, agent code number 007.
In Jamaica, James Bond is assisted by CIA officer Felix Leiter and the fisherman Quarrell (both of whom had worked with Strangweys before). Suspicion falls on the private island of Crab Ki, where Strangweis, before disappearing, brought samples of stones with increased radioactivity. Crab Ki, about whom ill fame walks among the inhabitants of Jamaica, belongs to a certain doctor No.

Bond and Quorell penetrate the island, where they meet the beautiful Hanni Ryder. The girl earns her living by selling shells collected on the island. On the island of heroes, less pleasant encounters await: Quorrel is killed, James and Hanni are captured by Dr. No. During a small talk at dinner, it turns out that the doctor belongs to the international terrorist organization SPECTR. The island has a powerful radio emitter that violates the trajectory of missiles launched from Cape Canaveral.
James Bond is thrown into the chamber, from where he successfully escapes through the ventilation system. The suit of the base employee allows him to penetrate the control point of the nuclear reactor and disrupt another action to destroy NASA property. Doctor, But dies, his base is destroyed. Bond and Ryder successfully escaped from the island by boat a few seconds before the explosion of the base. In the sea, they will pick up Felix Leiter.

It was originally planned that Fireball will be the first James Bond film, but legal squabbles with one of the co-authors of the script (Kevin McClory) led to Dr. Ho But being shot first. Another reason was the fact that the whole film takes place in one place - in Jamaica, and according to the script there was only one big scene with special effects. It was convenient, since the budget of the film was small.

It was planned that the first Bond film will be "Fireball"

To "find James Bond", a special competition was organized. Broccoli, Salzman and Fleming personally selected six finalists. After additional screen tests, 28-year-old Peter Anthony was announced the winner. But it soon turned out that he was unable to cope with the role.
Then the producers turned to Sean Connery, who played Bond in six films. There is a legend that Connery was nominated by Polish director Ben Fizh, a friend of Salzman. Connery's candidacy was approved only after Broccoli and Fleming rejected Richard Johnson, James Mason, Rex Harrison, David Niven, Trevor Howard, Patrick McGuhan, and Cary Grant.

Two weeks before the beginning of the filming of the film “Doctor No,” the female lead has not yet been found. The producers accidentally saw a picture of actor John Derek with his wife Ursula Andress and immediately offered her the role, even without meeting the actress personally. At this time, Andress was not interested in work, but family friend actor Kirk Douglas, after reading the script, convinced Ursula to agree to the role of Hanni Ryder.

Ursula Andress received the role of Bond's girlfriend without casting

According to a survey from Empire and Sony Pictures in 2006, Ursula Andress was named the best friend of James Bond from all of Bond. The scene from the film “Doctor No”, when Andress in a white bikini comes out of the sea, became a cult in those days. A bikini instantly become fashionable.

Although the lair of the doctor, But was located in the town of Crab Ki, the film was shot in various parts of Jamaica. One of the biggest problems for the film crew was the very hot and humid weather on the island.
One of the details of the interior of the doctor's lair, But there was a window-magnifier through which one could see the sea fish. In the studio’s film library, the day before the filming of this scene, a film with underwater shots was quickly found. But the fish were taken close-up and seemed much larger than the actual size. Then an explanation was invented, doctor, But he says that glass increases everything, like a lens.

There are legends about the creation of the famous Bond theme that sounded in the credits of the first Bond movie. One thing is undeniable: it was written by the composer Monty Norman. It is said that he composed this tune for a musical that was never staged. According to another version, Norman heard a memorable melody from street musicians in Jamaica. But, be that as it may, the producers offered to finalize this melody and invited John Barry, but under the contract he had to give up all copyrights. Barry agreed. And today, Monty Norman does not miss a chance to assert his rights to a famous melody: if someone calls Barry the author of the Bond motive, Norman immediately sues the offender for libel.

In the scene with a tarantula, instead of Connery playing understudy

Since Connery was afraid of spiders in panic, the scene with a tarantula in James Bond’s bed was filmed using a glass partition separating the actor from the insect. However, the episode was unrealistic, and therefore it was decided to re-shoot the scene with Connery understudy Bob Simmons. Simmons said that the scene with a tarantula crawling on James Bond’s shoulder was the most terrible trick he had ever done.

Vatican Condemns First James Bond Movie

At the preview, Ian Fleming declared that the film was “just awful.” In general, the tape received mixed reviews, some were quite hostile. After the release of "Doctor No" in Italy, the Vatican issued a special communiqué in which he expressed his disagreement with the moral principles professed in the film.

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