The most profitable: Barbra Streisand in modern show business

Barbara Joan Streisand was born on April 24, 1942, an American singer and actress who also achieved success as a composer, director, producer and political activist. Barbara is the honorary winner of two Oscars in the nominations for Best Actress and Best Original Song, as well as for Emmy, Grammy and Golden Globe awards. As a singer, Streisand also distinguished herself: she sold more than 145 million copies of her records and it is worth noting that she was the only performer who headed Billboard 200 in his 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s

Streisand is considered one of the most commercially successful women in modern show business. And today we want to briefly highlight the biography of this person in our classical photo selection.

Barbara Joan Streisand was born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family. Her father was a grammar teacher and died when she was barely a year old. With her stepfather she had a bad relationship, as he constantly beat her.

Barbara Streisand with brother Sheldon, 1952, Brooklyn

In 1959, Streisand graduated from Erasmas Hall High School, which she attended very rarely. There she became friends with the future world chess champion Bobby Fischer. When Streisand decided to start a career in show business, the mother was unhappy with the choice of her daughter, as she considered her not attractive enough for that.

At first she didn’t develop a theatrical career, so Barbara thought about earning a song that she used to consider her hobby. At the suggestion of a friend, Barry Dennen, Streisand took part in a talent competition held in one of the gay clubs in Manhattan, where she soon achieved considerable success.

In 1962, Streisand first appeared on Broadway in a small, but made her famous role in the musical "I'll get it to you in bulk." In the same year, she signed a contract with Columbia Records. In 1962 she appeared in the Ed Sullivan Show, where she attracted the attention of the famous pianist Vladzi Liberace. Soon, he offered her cooperation, and Streisand began to speak with him in Las Vegas.

In 1963, her debut album The Barbra Streisand Album was released, receiving two Grammy awards. Streisand continued to grow in popularity, and her three next albums were on the Billboard 200 chart.

Throughout her entire musical career, Streisand has recorded over 60 albums, most of which came out with the label Columbia Records.

Her earliest albums are considered classic recordings of music and songs from nightclubs and theaters, including her version of the song “Happy Days Are Here Again”, which she successfully performed in The Judy Garland Show. After this show, Streisand got his own project on CBS - My Name Is Barbra.

Streisand's first film was the 1968 funny girl comedy based on the life of Fanny Bryce. The script was specially written for Streisand, after the scriptwriter of the musical Jules Stein saw Barbra in the musical "I will get you this in bulk." This picture brought Streisand world fame, for which she won an Oscar in the nomination “Best Actress”.

Subsequently, Streisand received the second Oscar award, but this time not as an actress, but as a composer for the song Evergreen, written for the musical film The Birth of a Star. Streisand became the first woman to receive this award.

In the 70s, Streisand declared herself as a pop ballad performer. The peak of this period is considered to be the famous song "Woman in Love" - ​​one of the most famous compositions in the work of Streisand.

Streisand has produced several of her own films based on Broadway productions. In the 1983 film Yentl, she acted as an actress, producer, director and screenwriter. She repeated this experience in the film The Lord of the Tides (1991). Both films were praised by critics, and Steven Spielberg called The Yentl a masterpiece.

In the early 1990s, Streisand agreed to head the Bill Clinton support fund for the US presidency. And in 1993, she attended his inauguration.

Actors of the film “Two Faces at the Mirror”, 1996

In 1996, Streisand acted as a director, producer and performer of the leading role in the romantic film “At the Two Faces”. The main theme song from the film “I Finally Found Someone” performed by Streisand and Brian Adams was awarded Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.

On the set of the movie "Meet the Fockers"

In 2004, after eight years of interruption, Barbra returned to the big screen, starring in Ben Stiller's comedy Meet the Fockers. This film was the most successful comedy in history, earning $ 516,642,939 dollars.

Barbra Streisand has been a strong supporter of the US Democratic Party for many years. She spoke with programs such as global warming and the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. Streisand also actively advocates for the rights of women and sexual minorities, democratic journalists, and children with cancer.

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