"I understand, you give a damn about my beautiful words, but let me tell them all the same"

“Grammatical errors with beautiful handwriting are like lice in a nylon shirt”

“When we feel bad, we think:“ But somewhere, someone is good. ” When we feel good, we seldom think: “Somewhere is bad for someone”

"It is necessary to write so that the words burst like cartridges in the fire"

“The most observant people are children. Then - the artists "

Vasily Shukshin with his family during a country walk

“If you know how to rejoice, then rejoice; if you do not know how, then sit”

“No, God, when creating a woman, something so namudril. Carried away the creator, carried away. Like any artist, by the way "

“We must be completely calm - without arrogance and arrogance - to say: Russia has its own way. The path is hard, tragic, but not hopeless in the end. We have nothing to be proud of. ”

“To me, one intelligent man said this: for good reason a peasant is weaning off private property. He will never become a worker anyway, but he will lose the habit of his loss, he will stop loving her - not two, not one and a half will come out. ”

Vasily Shukshin and Lidiya Fedoseeva-Shukshin in the movie “Kalina Krasnaya”, 1974

“It’s easier to live with mean ones. You can hate them - it's easier. And with good ones it’s difficult, somehow ashamed. ”

"And you never think well about people - you will not be mistaken"

“Man is a complete idiot. In the morning he gets up - grumbles, goes to bed - grumbles. Eternally dissatisfied with everything, grunts, hates everyone. They say - character "

“Youth must be given to someone, otherwise she will torture”

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