King Kong - a giant primate of royal blood

Year of issue: 2005

A country: New Zealand

The idea of ​​a huge monkey appeared in screenwriter Merian Cooper after reading a book about giant Komodo monitor lizards. The author called them "Komodo Kings", and Cooper thought it would be nice to get these reptiles to fight with some king of Africa, for example, a giant gorilla. Fantasy has earned, and soon the scenario of the colossal primacy, terrorizing Aboriginal people and falling in love with a Hollywood actress, was ready. Varanam had no place in it - they were replaced by a Tyrannosaurus, with which King Kong fights. The script was brought to life by Cooper himself, who shot the first film about the shaggy nature miracle that perished in the stone jungles of New York. Above the final phrase, “No airplanes caused his death. The monster died because of the beauty "many spectators wept, only a few minutes ago they were trembling with horror.

Over the next forty years, several sequels appeared, mostly in Japan and Korea. King Kong got relatives, lied to Godzilla and destroyed Tokyo a couple of times.

The most promoted remake was released in 1976. Masters of special effects built a mechanical effigy of a gorilla, but it flatly refused to carry out the commands of the director. I had to mechanic Rick Baker himself to climb into kongovskuyu skin. They said that he was badly hurt, falling from a fake skyscraper. The film went through so-so in the rental, but this did not stop the reproduction of the Kongov tribe.

In 2005, director Peter Jackson, before embarking on the hobbits, practiced at King Kong. His version of the monkey tale followed the plot of the original source in 1933, but was shot with fantastic special effects. As a result, the film gathered at the box office half a billion dollars. With such a box office, it is even surprising that the next "King Kong" made me wait for the whole 12 years. The 2017 gorilla then fought with the American warriors, then protected them from the skulls. The next release of the franchise is expected in 2020. Old Kong Kong will again have a fight with Godzilla, who has also already overcome the retirement milestone. Veterans do not get old soul.

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