What to do with Scythian gold?

“The fate of the Scythian gold collection, exported from the Crimea to an exhibition in Amsterdam before the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, will remain controversial for many years,” said Vladimir Tolstoy, adviser to the Russian president on culture.
Russia is confident that Scythian gold should return to the peninsula, while the Ukrainian authorities are expressing an absolutely opposite opinion. What to do with valuable exhibits and whether they can return to the museums of the Crimea?
Andrei Malgin, Director of the Central Museum of Tavrida

Andrei Malgin, Director of the Central Museum of Tavrida. (Wikipedia.org)

The fact that the process of returning Scythian gold is delayed became clear almost immediately. Four Crimean museums filed a lawsuit in Amsterdam court for the return of the collection, at the same time the Ukrainian side filed the same counter-claim. Now there is an exchange of documents, that is, the judges request them for a decision. The first meeting with the presence of the parties will be held in the fall of 2016. If the court does not decide in favor of the return of Scythian gold to the museums of Crimea, there will be a new court. There is another cassation instance, there may also be a procedure, that is, in the event of an unfavorable decision of the court of first instance, we will continue to file claims.
Vladimir Tolstoy, Advisor to the President of Russia for Culture

Vladimir Tolstoy, cultural advisor. (Wikipedia.org)

Less hype around this situation should be arranged. It should be just calm, painstaking, quiet work of lawyers. I believe that the likelihood of the return of Scythian gold to the museum of Tavrida is quite high, but what “the near future” is is a very vague concept. This is a procedural question, you just need to be patient, because these are not the last items of the Crimean collection, there are still beautiful Scythian gold in the museums of Crimea. These are just a few items that are still in temporary storage in another country, so I don’t see any subject for discussion here.
Mikhail Shvydkoy, former Minister of Culture of Russia, Special Representative of the President of Russia for International Cultural Cooperation

Mikhail Shvydkoy, former Minister of Culture of Russia. (Wikipedia.org)

The main thing is not to leave the process! In any case, even if this process stretches over years, because indeed this is such an ambiguous process, Crimean museums should be involved. Because the most incorrect thing that can be done in this case is to leave the process, wait, or something like that. We must take all the necessary procedures to continue the process. I have always thought that something that the process is going on and that the court of the Netherlands does not make a decision in favor of Kiev is a good sign.
Stanislav Govorukhin, Head of the State Duma Committee on Culture

Stanislav Govorukhin, Head of the State Duma Committee on Culture (wikipedia.org)

This will drag on for many years, and our conflict between Russia and Ukraine will last for many years. As a result - the story of the Scythian gold. All clear. How can you fight for it? Only in one way: Crimea has historically been and remains the territory of Russia. That's when the whole world agrees with this and becomes convinced of this - and the question of gold can be solved, but now it is meaningless. Scythian gold was transferred to Amsterdam not by the authorities of the autonomous republic of Crimea, but by the Ukrainian government, which is why the conflict comes from here.

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