5 actors who best played Sherlock Holmes

Literary character created by Arthur Conan Doyle. His works dedicated to the adventures of Sherlock Holmes, the famous London private investigator, are considered classics of the detective genre. He appears in 56 stories and 4 stories by Arthur Conan-Doyle, andabout the number of adaptations the story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson got into Guinness Book of Records. At the moment there are more than 200 motion pictures with the participation of the detective.

Today we decided to recall the actors who best, in our opinion, played the role of a world-famous detective story.

Sherlock Holmes. Illustration by the artist Steele for the 1903 edition

Basil Rathbone

Actors Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce became the first truly famous in the cinema Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.

In the USA, they are still considered to be the ideal embodiment of their characters - largely due to the appearance, which coincided with the public's views, and, of course, the current duet. Their first two films, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and The Hound of the Baskervilles, became box office giants of that time and marked the beginning of a whole series of films. He embodied the image of a detective in 14 paintings from 1939 to 1946. Each of the films boasted a dynamic and confusing storyline. His Holmes was veiled and completely unruffled.

In the US, B. Rathbone is still considered the perfect embodiment of Sherlock Holmes

Rathbone and Bruce also played these roles on the radio. The name of Basil became firmly associated with Holmes even after the last film, namely “Prelude to Murder”, Basil appeared in this image in many TV productions of the 50s and 60s. He also played Holmes in a play written by his wife Weed. Nigel Bruce was very sick and could not play Dr. Watson, and after his death on October 8, 1953, Basil refused to stage this play. As a result, the play was shown only three times.

Arthur Wontner

The British actor is best known as the performer of the role of Sherlock Holmes in five films, shot from 1931 to 1937.

Holmes first A. Wontner played at 56 years of age and was praised by critics

Arthur Wontner played his first Holmes at the age of 56 and was praised by critics, and Arthur's wife Conan Doya wrote an enthusiastic letter to him.

«Of those Sherlock Holmes that we have seen and heard in films in our time, there is no better Holmes than Arthur Wonner ... He, with his kind face and a quiet prophetic smile, as if descended from the pages of books ... "- said the writer Vincent Starrett. The trend "modernizingHolmes has long been preserved in foreign cinema. Films with the brilliant Arthur Wontner transferred the Doyle heroes to the thirties. And in "The Sign of the Four" Holmes and Dr. Watson were chasing Jonathan Small on the night Thames at speedboats.

Vasily Livanov

The series of Igor Maslennikov became a famous film about Sherlock Holmes. For the majority of Russian viewers, it is Vasily Livanov who is the ideal Holmes, just as Vitaly Solomin is the ideal Watson.

The British recognized the Livanov - Solomin couple as the best pair of Sherlock Holmes - Dr. Watson on the continent. In the British newspapers, viewers wrote: "Thanks to the Russian actors who returned our national heroes to us." After the first film "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" came out a few pictures. The main difference between the national Holmes and its Western "colleagues" is the incredible warmth and soulfulness. He is still genius, reasonable and calm, but at the same time he is easy to communicate and does not look crazy and selfish. For the embodiment of the image of the detective Livanov was awarded the Order of the British Empire.

For the incarnation of Sherlock Holmes, Livanov was awarded the Order of the British Empire

Many critics blame Livanov and say that he has become a hostage to one role. According to the actor himself, these statements do not bother him at all.

Benedict Cumberbatch

The actor received the lead role in the series "Sherlock" in 2009. The British TV series was filmed for BBC Wales.

The authors of the film epic, Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffat, being admirers of Conan-Doyle's creative work, moved the plot to our day. Dr. Watson in the series plays Martin Freeman. TV producer Pierce Wenger described the serial Sherlock as "an energetic superhero of the modern world, an arrogant genius detective, driven by a desire to prove that he is smarter than a criminal, a policeman and everyone else." Due to the fact that since 2007, smoking in London has been limited, Cumberbatch’s Holmes has replaced the traditional pipe with several nicotine patches.

After the premiere of "Sherlock" in London, fans came to a complete delight

The actor reread all the stories and stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. One of his favorite works, he calls the story "The Sign of the Four." Fans of the hero Conan Doyle, after the premiere of the series in London came to a complete delight. "Sherlock Holmes is very hard to play, because of the volume of words in your head and the speed of thinking you have to think incredibly fast. He is one step ahead of the audience and all people with normal intelligence that surround him. They do not quite understand where his speculations lead.“- Benedict talked about his work.

The project received positive reviews over two seasons and was nominated for several awards. In 2011, Sherlock won the BAFTA television award in the Best Drama Series category. However, the third season of the series "Sherlock" caused a heated debate not only among ordinary viewers and critics, but also among the British press. According to the journalist for Mail Online, the new series turned out to be too boring and sentimental, and the main character - annoying.

Robert John Downey Jr

In 2009, the famous British director Guy Ritchie presented his vision of the story about Sherlock Holmes. He gave the main role to the American - Robert Downey Jr. The role of Watson played by the Englishman Jude Law.

In the new tape Holmes is remembered primarily by its character. Before us is not an imperturbable gentleman, but an adventurer, bold, with a sense of humor, very emotional. "We tried to create a dynamic duet. Watson is not a passive contemplator of his friend’s accomplishments. He is a war veteran who had to face death more than once. ”- told Robert Downey Jr. after the shooting.

Robert Downey Jr. portrayed a new vision of the image of Sherlock Holmes

Despite this name, the best Sherlock Downey Jr. does not claim. After all, Vasily Livanov is out of competition. In support of this view, the actor shared his conversation with Leslie Klinger, an expert on Victorian England and Sherlock Holmes. He said: "You are all normal Holmes. But you have to look at the work of this Russian, he is the best Sherlock in history!". By the way, Livanov was invited to one of the roles, but he refused.

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