"Common sense is a boring thing"

The detective genre fascinated the writer so much that the plot moves and images of the characters always turned in her head, even if at that moment she was preparing a family dinner or washing dishes. Sometimes her life resembled a detective story: so, after a major quarrel with her first husband, Agatha left her home and disappeared for 11 days. The writer described her disappearance in the book “Unfinished Portrait”.

In public, Agatha Christie captured the attention with her witty sayings. Here are the brightest of them:

“In life, everything repeats more often than you might think. The sea is infinitely more diverse. ”

“Common sense is a boring thing. Everyone must be a little crazy, with slight twists, and then life will appear in a new light, in a completely unexpected perspective. ”

“It’s tiring when a person is right all the time”

“War does not solve any problems; victory works as destructive as defeat "

“It’s just amazing how much pleasure you can get from almost everything that exists in life. There is nothing more delightful than accepting and loving everything. You can get pleasure from almost any food and any lifestyle: village quietness, dogs, country roads; from the city, noise, crowds, crashing cars. I am happy to say that I love almost everything. ”

“I realized that you can’t look back, you can’t even try to look back. Life is a one-way street. ”

“There is a saying that one should speak either well or nothing about the dead. In my opinion, this is nonsense. The truth always remains true. If it comes to that, it is necessary to hold back, talking about the living. They can be offended - unlike the dead. ”

“There is no greater mistake in life than to see or hear the masterpieces of art at the wrong moment. For many, many Shakespeare disappeared because they studied him at school. ”

“Friends can be divided into two categories. Some suddenly arise from your surroundings and temporarily become part of your life. Like in old-fashioned dance with ribbons. They rush through your life, just as you did through them. You remember some, others you forget. But there are others that are not so numerous, which I would call "chosen ones"; true mutual affection connects you with them, they remain forever and, if circumstances allow, accompany you all your life ”

“I am afraid that from human nature, for which I have been able to observe for so long, no good can be expected”

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