"What is our life? Game"

Exchange of courtesies

When it comes to intellectual battle, all means are good here. When one of the teams answered the question about books, Rovshan Askerov noticed that another expert, Andrei Kozlov, suggested the players at the table. He openly stated this to the leader, but he could not judge the situation, because the managers did not notice the clue. Askerov insisted on his own, for which Kozlov called him a scoundrel. It is noteworthy that tensions between Kozlov and Askerov are long. Suffice it to recall the episode during another Brain-Ring intellectual television game.

Voroshilov against Friends

Since 1991, when the intellectual quiz “What? Where? When?” First became the “intellectual casino” familiar to us, the Zero sector was active in the game. This was the case when not the TV viewers played against the experts, but the casino itself. The presenter went down to the players and asked a question. In one of the games he touched the Muravyev-Apostol project. Mikhail Jabbarov had to answer the question, but he decided to give this opportunity to Master Alexander Druze. It was here that a conflict broke out about the accuracy of the wording between Voroshilov and the master.

Quickly close!

In the final game of 2013, the last question was a question with two black boxes. The Boytsov family asked a question about the Moscow and St. Petersburg metro schemes. Even before the presenter announced the correct answer, a curiosity occurred. The boy misunderstood the leader and hurried to open a small black box, which almost broke the course of the game.

Wrong question

In 2003, a very unexpected question was asked at one of the games. Connoisseurs fell 13th sector, meaning that the question was asked via the Internet. However, it turned out that the number of characters for the question is limited, and it simply did not completely fit on the screen. Then the moderator decided to ask a question on his own. Connoisseurs answered the question, but the answer was incorrect. There was a heated discussion between the members of the club, whether the moderator correctly counted the point to the viewer. Even viewers of the program voted against this issue. The outcome of the dispute was that the presenter of the principle took the point from the viewers and awarded it to the experts.

Scandalous accessory

Not all scandals in the game are connected with the fight for points. Sometimes it can excite everyone just out of place selected accessory. This happened to the team captain on the game on October 9, 2016, Alena Vasevoi. She came to the air in the ornament, resembling a gag-ring, which is used by fans of BDSM.

The case immediately became an occasion for jokes and memes in the network.

Users argued whether it was a gag-ring, or a really unfortunate accessory from a jewelry store. She did not give any comments on this matter.

Tomato of contention

Rovshan Askerov is known for his hot-tempered character. When his team responded to a question about a tomato, Boris Kryuk, the host of the game, refused to count him as correct, insisting on the accuracy of the wording. However, Askerov, with the support of other members of the club, insisted that the response of the team was counted. After the broadcast, Master Alexander Druz declared that "Rovshan was not afraid to put his reputation on the table so that his team won."

In turn, Rovshan Askerov said that it is not for the master to teach his morals in this game.

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