Favorite "fun Queen" Elizabeth Petrovna

“The princess is fair and very tender; her face, like her older sister, is extremely kind and pleasant; the arms are beautiful, ”the nobleman Friedrich Berhholz admired Elizabeth. The first passion of the Grand Duchess was Alexander Buturlin. He was distinguished by his outstanding appearance - a beautifully built tall man. At the time of acquaintance, Alexander was 31 years old, and Elizabeth was 16.

Alexander Buturlin

Thanks to her intervention, Buturlin made a dizzying career. In 1735, he took the post of the Smolensk governor, 6 years later, Elizabeth appointed the former orderly to be the ruler of Little Russia. In 1747, he received the rank of Adjutant General, and in 1760 he was elevated to the count's dignity. Thus, although the connection with the empress did not last long, the prosperous life of Alexander Borisovich was guaranteed. Buturlin married twice. His first wife was Princess Anna Mikhailovna Golitsyna, the second - Princess Ekaterina Borisovna Kurakina.

Many talked about the connection between Elizaveta Petrovna and Semyon Naryshkin. It was also said about the secret marriage that the lovers allegedly entered into. It is worth noting that Semyon Kirillovich Naryshkin was the main Russian Don Juan of the XVIII century. He dressed immaculately, anticipating tomorrow's fashion. His hobby was the home theater, the performances in which were furnished with luxurious decorations. It should be noted that Naryshkin's wife was distinguished by a rare beauty, for which she was attacked by the Empress. Because of the growing influence of Naryshkin at the court, Peter III expelled the favorite, but after Elizabeth's accession, the man returned to the capital. Semyon Kirillovich was Elizaveta Petrovna second cousin.

Semyon Naryshkin

A special place in the list of favorites of the empress was occupied by the Dnieper Cossack Alexey Razumovsky. There is information (however, contradictory) about their secret marriage. The man had a strong voice, thanks to his talent Razumovsky got into the Court Choir. Later he became a lieutenant general and the owner of a huge state. Alexei Grigorievich lived in the palace and dined with the empress, valuable gifts poured on him, which irritated the courtiers.

Some researchers are of the opinion that the lovers were in secret marriage; supposedly this event happened in 1742. According to other versions, the marriage could take place in 1744 or 1750. It is noteworthy that the leader, who enjoyed enormous influence on the Empress, avoided interference in state affairs. It was alleged that Alexey and Elizabeth had two children - a boy and a girl, while the boy was imprisoned in a monastery. It was Razumovsky who the dying empress asked to stay at her bedside.

Alexey Razumovsky

Another favorite of Elizabeth was 20-year-old Nikita Beketov (the empress turned 42 at the time of her acquaintance). He played one of the roles in the play shown in the Land Cadet Corps. The young man fell asleep right on the stage at the height of the performance. After some time, Beketov had jewels and expensive watches, the purchase of which the cadet could not afford. Nikita lived at the court, which caused the displeasure of the Shuvalov brothers. In 1751, the favorite became a colonel. The expulsion of Beketov from the court chambers took Peter Shuvalov; He spread rumors about the homosexuality of a young man. After these rumors, the affair ended.

Nikita Beketov

The man continued his military career, and after his resignation he settled in the estate bestowed on him by the empress. The new favorite of Elizabeth was 22-year-old Ivan Shuvalov, who later founded Moscow University and the Academy of Arts. In 1751, Shuvalov became a chamberlain, but refused further titles. He patronized young scholars and writers.

Ivan Shuvalov

With the accession of Catherine II, the statesman found himself in disgrace and temporarily went abroad. Upon returning to Russia, he avoided participation in political life.

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