"Murman is not a bite tooth bite"

“And on the left hand of the Kola town, if you look in the sea, live Murman, that is, Normans, they are Varangians, who in ancient times came and sailed from the city of Varde and lived with us in robbery, which the memory remained in the word — thieves, thieves . The hegumen contested: they say that the Normans are denied that they live in the ground, in holes, like animals, he said: the reason for that is cold. And I say: it is not Murman who live in holes, and not from the cold, but the little folk of the lapps for fear, as if our industrialists were not eating him alive. You can't bite Murman with a blunt tooth. ”

From the story of Levonti Pomorts

“Large people, unhurried power and persistent obstinacy of work - this impression was fixed on me all the days in Murmansk and“ for all the days ”of life. On the deserted shore of the Arctic Ocean, on the granite stones, in some places already crushed by the movement of the glacier and time into the sand, a city is being built. That's right: people build the whole city at once. Opposite the station, on a hillock, the hotel’s extensive building, its central part is made of colorful pieces of granite, and the wings are wooden, these wings and the pointed roof gave the whole body a strange lightness. Everywhere there is a construction of public service institutions. "

“From the club we went to a rally of the pioneers of the Northern Territory, to the other end of the widely scattered Murmansk. Two o'clock in the morning, and, although the sky is densely shrouded in a thick layer of clouds, it is still as light as day. There are still children running around the streets - a small fry, the age of the "October". These people of the future must sleep only in winter. Some gray-haired, also sleepless, “Murman” planted Christmas trees in front of the windows of the house, two already planted, digs a hole for the third. He is helped by a tall, strange woman in a green sweater and leather cap. Almost everywhere are unfinished houses, and wind drives chips on all the streets. The streets are very wide, apparently, based on fires: the city is wooden. ”

A source:
"On the edge of the earth" M. Gorky
Photo announcement: murmansk-nordika.blogspot.com
Photo lead: portnews.ru

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