Soviet commanders. Alexander Ilyich Egorov

In the famous photo of the five first marshals of the Soviet Union, Alexander Egorov is on the far right. Along with him sit Tukhachevsky and Voroshilov, near Budyonny and Blucher. The picture was taken in 1935. Yegorov did not live long after that. His fate is a visual indicator of how the Soviet machine swept away even the people she needed, real professionals. And Egorov was, without a doubt, that way.

Country trip and lunch in the "Pines" cost Alexander Egorov life

A cadre officer, he became a colonel before the revolution. With the advent of the new government immediately joined the Red Army. The hero of the Civil War ... As you know, these figures were not central to Stalin. He valued personal loyalty and political loyalty above the leadership talents, believing that the correct policy of the country's leadership compensates for the lack of bright leadership talents among disciplined red warlords. Speaking in January 1938, he made it very clear. Later appeared and confirmation in the form of specific destinies.

Commanders of the 1st Cavalry Army in the Field Staff of the Red Army: Kamenev, Gusev, Egorov, Voroshilov are sitting; are Lebedev, Petin, Budyonny, Shaposhnikov, 1920

Marshal Alexander Egorov was not only a career, but also a country trip and lunch at Pines. The denunciation to him was written by the chief personnel officer of the Red Army, Efim Shchadenko, a denunciation that Yegorov was not satisfied with the way in which his merits during the Civil War were highlighted. Reckoning followed rather quickly, though not as instantly, not as lightning-fast as in some other cases. Yegorov was accused of “unreasonably, not being content with his position in the Red Army and knowing something about the conspiratorial groups existing in the army, he decided to organize his own anti-party character group”.

Alexander Egorov was shot on the Day of the Red Army

In March 1938, he was arrested. Four months later, Yezhov submitted for Stalin's approval a list of persons to be shot, in which there were 139 names. Stalin removed the name of Egorov from the list, but he was still shot on the Day of the Red Army - February 23, 1939.

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