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On May 17, 1536, the brother of Consort Queen Anne Boleyn, George, convicted by the court of his son-in-law, Henry VIII, was executed at Tower Hill. About him and other relatives of those who fall into disfavor of the authorities, recalls Diletant.media

George Boleyn

George Boleyn was the only surviving son of Sir Thomas Boleyn and Lady Elizabeth Howard. From the age of 18, he often spent time in the company of Henry VIII: as part of the king's retinue, he went hunting with him, together they made booze and gamble. Heinrich lost huge sums to George, however, and Boleyn himself lost to the monarch no less. On the 20th anniversary of the "gambling friend" the king granted him an estate.

Thomas Boleyn

In 1526, Henry VIII became interested in George’s sister, Anna, and expressed a desire to marry her. Boleyn made active efforts to fulfill the royal will.

In 1526, Henry VIII became interested in George B.'s sister and wished to marry her.

In 1536, Anne Boleyn had a miscarriage: the unborn child was male. Henry VIII, who divorced his first wife, unable to provide his heir, was furious that the second wife could not give him a son. By this time, the king became interested in the maid of honor, Jane Seymour. To get rid of his annoying spouse, Henry VIII and his adviser Thomas Cromwell developed a plan according to which Anna Boleyn was accused of adultery with five men, including incest with his brother George.

On the morning of May 17, 1536, Viscount Rochford was executed at Tower Hill. After 2 days, his sister Anna was beheaded.

On the morning of May 17, 1536, Viscount Rochford was executed at Tower Hill.

Family of Vladimir Staritsky

In 1569, Ivan the Terrible appointed his cousin Vladimir Staritsky commander of an army aimed at defending Astrakhan. The reception arranged by the inhabitants of Kostroma for the prince, through which he passed, served as a pretext for the Tsar's entourage to stipulate Vladimir before him. The prince was summoned to the Aleksandrovsky settlement, but already at the entrance to her the oprichnich army suddenly surrounded his camp. Vasily Gryaznoy and Malyuta Skuratov presented the testimony of the royal cook that Vladimir had ordered him to poison Ivan IV obtained under torture.

Ivan the Terrible and Maliuta Skuratov

Vladimir Staritsky was executed along with most of his family in October 1569. The Piskarevsky chronicler of the early 17th century reports about his death: "AND drove in the prince are great on yam on To bogon and here him drunk potion and with princess and s to daughter more. BUT son prince Basil and smaller daughter spared.

Vladimir Staritsky was executed along with most of his family.

On October 20, 1569, the mother of Vladimir, nun Eudoxius, was murdered. Only two of the prince’s children survived - son Vasily, who died in 1574, and daughter Maria, married for political reasons to Ivan the Terrible, to marry Magnus of Livonia.

Marie Antoinette Austrian

During the uprising of August 10, 1792, the people broke into the royal palace of Louis XVI and imprisoned his whole family. Power in the country passed to the Convention.

The new “chambers” of the queen were furnished very sparingly: a bed with a bed of belts, a sink, a small table with a drawer, a stool and 2 chairs. Marie Antoinette did not have a pen or paper, and she spent all her days reading and praying. She was brought food twice a day: at 9 am - breakfast (coffee or chocolate with a bun), and at noon - lunch (soup, vegetable dish, game or veal and dessert). Dined by the widow of Louis XVI the remnants of the dinner.

Portrait of Marie Antoinette in Versailles

The trial of the 37-year-old Marie-Antoinette began at 8 am on October 15, 1793. Claude Shove-Lagard acted as her advocate, and Fouquier-Tenville acted as prosecutor.

During the uprising, the people imprisoned Louis XVI and his entire family.

When one of the judges asked why she did not answer the charges, Marie-Antoinette said in an agitated voice: “If I don’t answer, it is only because nature itself refuses to respond to such vile accusations against the mother. I urge everyone who can come here. ”

The next day, October 16, at 4 am, the unanimous death sentence was read out. At 12 o'clock in the afternoon, Marie Antoinette was beheaded.

Yuri Larin

Yuri Larin was born in Moscow, a month after his father, Nikolai Bukharin, returned with his wife Anna from Paris, where he traveled on behalf of Joseph Stalin to negotiate the purchase of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels archive. At the age of 8 months, Yura lost his father. After the arrest of his mother, he wandered around the orphanages under a foreign name.

Yuri Larin

In 1956, after 18 years of separation, Yuri met with his mother. According to Anna Larina, Nikolai Bukharin, before the arrest, was tempted to bring up his son by a Bolshevik, but Yuri did not go to politics. In 1958, he graduated from the Novocherkassk Engineering Institute for Land Reclamation, then he worked in design organizations for 12 years.

Since childhood, Yuri was fond of drawing, dreamed of becoming an artist. In the end, he achieved this. In 1965 - 1970 he studied at the Stroganov Higher School of Industrial Art. After graduation he taught in it for 16 years.

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