OGPU worries about the life of evicted fists

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[For] the last time [from] many PP (except for Sevkray and DVK) there is no regular information about the course of economic management of the evicted fists of the 2nd category. [According to] available fragmentary data, the evicted fists [in] the vast majority are still not economically arranged (the premises are not built, [in] places have not begun [to] construction, interruptions [with] food supply, are not served [in] medical terms ). Organizational organizations, to whom the universes of fists have been transferred for work, do not take measures [to] their economic structure; the guards are badly placed. The mass flight of the fists [from] the places of expulsion does not stop, many counter-revolutionary rebel organizations are trying to use the kulak exile as a rebel base.

I demand from you to arrange timely information of the Center, firm and timely questioning [in] relevant organizations. [In] Supplement No. 12949 of April 29, it is proposed: 1) to immediately put the question [to] the krai committee in all volume about the management of the evicted fists before the onset of winter, making concrete decisions; 2) [on] your side to establish a regular check on the course of the economic device; 3) [by] send detailed information [about] the position of the kulak exile (by September 20) (dislocation of the permanent villages, degree of goodwill, what are the organizations, where [and] how many are fixed and what works are used, how are the guards organized, and how is the KGB work, [with] food, medical care [and] other).

Indicate what measures are taken by regional organizations on your report to the regional committee.

Messing, Olsky

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