Million Dollar Queen: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor wore the unofficial title of “Queen of Hollywood” in its heyday. She was awarded the Oscar three times (two - for the best female role, one - special) and became the first actress, whose fee for shooting a film was a million dollars - it was 1961.

Our editorial staff will tell about this amazing woman today in a more detailed form.

Let's start with the fact that Elizabeth Taylor was born in a family of American actors who lived and worked in London, but with the beginning of the Second World War, the family returned to the United States.

She started acting in films in 1942 (she was 10 years old), and two years later she remembered the audience as a young rider in the unfading family classics “National Velvet”.

Already in 1949, she played the first “adult” role - in the movie “The Conspirator” with her friend Robert Taylor.

At first, critics were very skeptical about the acting abilities of a young beauty, but Taylor's participation in the drama “A Place in the Sun” with Montgomery Clift led them to change their mind.

Then followed a few more successful films, but by the end of the 50s, the yellow press was tirelessly discussing the tragic death of Taylor's third husband and other details of her personal life, and not her success in filmmaking.

In 1961, Taylor received a flattering offer to play the role of Cleopatra in the historical film of the same name for an incredible fee of one million dollars at that time. It was she who fashioned "Cleopatra's eyes" with a strong black liner.

The film did not pay off at the box office, but on the film set a tumultuous Taylor romance broke out with the actor who played Mark Antony - Richard Burton. In 1964, they were married, divorced ten years later, a year later they again tied themselves together by marriage, and again divorced a year later.

During the time that Taylor and Burton were together, they played together in eleven scenes. Once on Valentine's Day, Burton presented her with the most expensive pearl in the world - the Wandering. In 2013, the television film Burton and Taylor was filmed about the vicissitudes of these relationships.

The actress had a rare mutation - a double row of eyelashes, which gave her look extra expressiveness. As well as acquired rare purple eyes.

For the key role of the vulgar Martha in the psychological drama “Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”, Which brought her the second Oscar, the actress gained considerable weight and for a long time could not stop his increase after reincarnation into the image. Her problems with drugs and alcohol became public. Taylor films paid off less and less, and at the age of forty-five she was forced to virtually complete a film career by turning to the theater.

The last time Taylor appeared on the big screen in 1994 was in the comedy film “Flintstones,” where she played the freaky mother-in-law of Fred Pearl Slagupl.

By the way, relating to personal life, the actress managed to marry eight times. To some extent, this fact was due to the constant interest in her person on the part of journalists and ordinary citizens.

In 1999, the American Film Institute placed Elizabeth Taylor in seventh place on the list of the greatest movie stars. In addition, the foundation she created donated more than $ 120 million to fight AIDS.

From February 13, 2011, Elizabeth was under constant clinical supervision by doctors. Despite the efforts of doctors to save the life of the “Queen of Hollywood,” March 23, Taylor died of heart failure. The actress was 79 years old.

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