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Surrealistic art is a world of dreams, a sense of reality here borders on fantasy, and sometimes this border disappears altogether. Is it any wonder that such a recognized genius of surrealism, the genius of self-praise, as they would say now, how Salvador Dali left his mark in the history of screen art? After all, the world of cinema and television is the same dreams, which have become a little more real than dreams. Many works have been written about the dream nature of the screen document. But the essence is the same: the logic of the film or screen work is similar to the logic of sleep. Here, everything can be transformed into anything, one has only to want the author. Is this not important surrealist?

Salvador Dali and today media star

As at the beginning of his career, Dali did not limit himself to any particular style, and at the time of her brilliant peak he tried all possible techniques, forms of interaction and formats. As a result, he left on the tape not only his actions and performances, but also quite “secular” performances.


Chocolate Advertising Fragment

In a lanvin chocolate ad, one of Salvador Dali’s corporate identity elements comes to the fore. His mustache. He invented their special form, imitating Velasquez, and the birthplace of these whiskers is America. “Antennas for capturing images”, according to the artist’s own words, are animated in this advertisement. On top of that, the intonations with which Dali addresses the viewer underline his image of a “crazy artist”.


Fragment of advertising drugs

Drug advertising is strongly associated with the anatomical model of a person. We are accustomed to travel through all sorts of secret corners of our body, to see through it. In an advertisement featuring Salvador Dali, this trick is executed with artistic chic. Dali literally depicts on the model's body the process of the action of a medicine, finally decorating it with a flower: the illness is gone.

Salvador Dali called his mustache "antennas for capturing images"

So a person becomes a real “surreal object”. The model does not become a "picture", it turns into a "plot" of the action of the medicine.


Alcohol advertising fragment

In the advertising of the Spanish brandy used technique "invisible artist." The map of Spain "itself" appears on the screen. However, in the frame there is also a visible artist - Salvador Dali. Considering that the contours of the map are an animated phenomenon and, therefore, existing in the plane of the screen surface, and Dali is in the precameral space, as if “drawing” this object, we are dealing with mounting two realities. The drawing and its author (which refutes the name of the technique of the “invisible artist”) are combined and perceived as one. As a result, we have a surrealistic action, an act of creation of unreal reality.


Competition Logo

In 1969, the Eurovision Song Contest was held in Madrid. Naturally, the national treasure of Spain, Salvador Dali could not participate in the creation of a visual image of the event.

Dali sculpture on stage

He designed a logo, a poster of the competition and an object that became an element of scenery. There were four winners this time, among them was the Spanish singer Salome with the song “Vivo cantando”.

Competition poster

James Bond: Tarot Cards

The producers of the film “Live and let die”, invited Salvador Dali to make a tarot deck for the film.

Tarot deck

Salvador Dali worked for James Bond: but not everyone knows about it

She was supposed to appear in the scene with the soothsayer Soliter. However, the artist was so carried away by the work that simply did not have time to hand over the deck to the beginning of the shooting. Therefore, in the film we see another work, and Dali’s tarot became just souvenirs.

Disney: the idea of ​​a cartoon

Studio Disney invited Dali to create the movie Destino. The artist has always considered Walt Disney a surrealist, so he willingly agreed. Actually and in the works of Salvador Dali himself, animation ideas live in statics. Objects that are not able to keep their form is the first step to multiplication.

Reconstruction of the cartoon

The artist managed to draw 135 sketches, but the ideas turned out to be too complex and costly to translate. However, in 2003, the artists of the Disney studio completed work on the cartoon. They implemented the main ideas of Salvador Dali and used a short fragment drawn by the artist himself.

From movie to clip

The movie "Enchanted"

Alfred Hitchcock invited Salvador Dali to make the decoration of the dream scenes in his movie “Enchanted”. Disturbing fantasies, gloomy atmosphere was easily given to the artist. The scene has become iconographic.

Spanish kitsch in the clip

In the clip of the British artist Mark Almond “The Desperate hours”, the leading motives are the works of Spanish artists. A flamenco song incorporates Spanish kitsch.

The last frame of the clip

The final of the clip is a reverse quote from the work of Salvador Dali. Eyes close, turning everything seen into a dream.

From painting to scene

Lady Gaga turned into Salvador Dali with a simple makeup

Famous for her love of contemporary art, Lady Gaga singer could not pass by the image of Salvador Dali. For starters, she literally tried to “get into the skin” of the legendary artist.

Lady Gaga

Well, without reference to the famous images, in the speeches Gaga also did not go:

The fact is that Dali - has long been living in the minds of the modern man in the street as a steady, stamped image of a mad artist, obscuring the works of art directly. However, the twentieth century, with its merciless media, has long turned the artist into a rock star, making his lifestyle a continuation of the creative act.

Is it worth being embarrassed that the hype in the press today replaces the essence of the phenomenon? No, this is only a natural development of our civilization.

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