Document. An open letter to Fyodor Raskolnikov to Stalin

I'll tell the truth about you,

What is worse than any lie ...

Stalin, you declared me "outlaw." By this act, you equated me in rights — more precisely, in lawlessness — with all Soviet citizens who live under your rule outside the law.

For my part, I answer with complete reciprocity: I return you the entrance ticket to the “kingdom of socialism” you have built and break with your regime.

Your “socialism”, with the triumph of which its builders found a place only behind the prison bars, is as far from true socialism as the arbitrariness of your personal dictatorship has nothing to do with the dictatorship of the proletariat.

It will not help you if the honored revolutionary of the people N. A. Morozov awarded with the order confirms that it was for such "socialism" that he spent fifty years of his life under the vaults of the Schlusselburg fortress.

The spontaneous growth of discontent of the workers, peasants, intellectuals powerfully demanded a steep political maneuver, like the Leninist transition to the NEP in 1921. Under the pressure of the Soviet people, you "bestowed" a democratic constitution. She was received by the whole country with genuine enthusiasm.

The honest implementation of the democratic principles of the democratic constitution of 1936, which embodied the hopes and aspirations of all the people, would have marked a new stage in the expansion of Soviet democracy.

But in your understanding, any political maneuver is synonymous with cheating and deception. You cultivate politics without ethics, power without honesty, socialism without love for man.

What did you do with the constitution, Stalin?

Frightened by the freedom of election as a “leap into the unknown” that threatened your personal power, you trampled the constitution, a piece of paper, turned the election into a pitiful farce of voting for one single candidate, and filled the sessions of the Supreme Council with akathists and ovations in honor of himself. In the intervals between sessions, you silently destroyed the "finning" deputies, scoffing at their inviolability and reminding you that the owner of Soviet land is not the Supreme Soviet, but you. You did everything to discredit Soviet democracy, as you discredited socialism. Instead of taking the turnaround line outlined in the constitution, you suppress the growing discontent with violence and terror. Gradually replacing the dictatorship of the proletariat with the regime of your personal dictatorship, you opened a new stage, which in the history of our revolution will enter under the name of the "era of terror".

No one in the Soviet Union feels safe. No one, going to bed, knows whether he will be able to avoid the night arrest, no one has mercy. Right and guilty, the hero of October and the enemy of the revolution, the old Bolshevik and non-partisan, the collective-farm peasant and plenipotentiary, people's commissar and worker, intellectual and Marshal of the Soviet Union are all equally affected by the blows of your scourge, everyone is spinning in a devilish bloody carousel.

As during a volcanic eruption, huge boulders with a crash and crash crash into the crater's mouth, so whole layers of Soviet society break down and fall into the abyss.

You began the massacres of the former Trotskyists, Zinovievists and Bukharinites, then you proceeded to exterminate the old Bolsheviks, then destroyed the party and non-party cadres who grew up in the civil war, carried out the construction of the first five-year plans on their shoulders, and organized the beating of the Komsomol.

You are hiding behind the slogan of the struggle "with the Trotsky-Bukharin spies." But power is not in your hands since yesterday. No one could “get through” to a responsible post without your permission.

Who implanted the so-called "enemies of the people" on the most responsible posts of the state, party, army, diplomacy?

- Joseph Stalin.

Read the old protocols of the Politburo: they are full of the assignments and movements of only one “Trotsky-Bukharin spies”, “pests” and “saboteurs”. And under them is the inscription - I. Stalin.

You pretend to be a gullible simpleton, who for years has been led by carnival monsters in masks by the nose.

“Look for and obsessive scapegoats,” you whisper to your entourage and load the caught, doomed sacrifice to death by your own sins.

You have shackled the country with a terrible fear of terror, even the daredevil cannot throw the truth in your face.

Waves of self-criticism "in spite of faces" respectfully freeze at the foot of your pedestal.

You are as infallible as dad! You are never wrong!

But the Soviet people know very well that you are responsible for everything, “the blacksmith of universal happiness.”

With the help of dirty forgeries, you staged lawsuits that surpass the medieval witch trials that are familiar to you from seminar textbooks with absurdity of accusations.

You yourself know that Pyatakov did not fly to Oslo, M. Gorky died a natural death, and Trotsky did not dump the train derailed.

Knowing that all this is a lie, you encourage your slanderers:

- Slander, slander, there is always something left of slander.

As you know, I have never been a Trotskyite. On the contrary, I fought ideologically against all oppositions in the press and in wide meetings. I still do not agree with the political position of Trotsky, with his program and tactics. Fundamentally diverging from Trotsky, I consider him an honest revolutionary. I do not believe and will never believe in his collusion with Hitler and Hess.

You are a cook who cooks spicy dishes; they are not edible for a normal human stomach.

Above the coffin of Lenin, you made a solemn oath to fulfill his will and keep the unity of the party as the apple of your eye. Oathbreaker, you violated this testament of Lenin.

You slandered, dishonored and shot Lenin's long-term comrades-in-arms: Kamenev, Zinoviev, Bukharin, Rykov and others, whose innocence was well known to you. Before dying, you made them repent of crimes they did not commit and smear themselves with mud from head to toe.

And where are the heroes of the October Revolution? Where is Bubnov? Where is Krylenko? Where is Antonov-Ovseenko? Where is Dybenko?

You arrested them, Stalin.

Where is the old guard? She is not alive.

You shot her, Stalin.

You have corrupted the souls of your comrades. You forced those who followed you with torment and disgust to walk through the puddles of blood of yesterday's comrades and friends.

In the false history of the party, written under your leadership, you have robbed the dead, dead, disgraced by you people and appropriated their exploits and merits.

You destroyed the party of Lenin, and on its bones built a new party of "Lenin-Stalin", which serves as a successful cover for your autocracy.

You created it not on the basis of general theory and tactics, as any party is built, but on the unprincipled basis of personal love and devotion to you. Knowledge of the program of the first party was declared optional for its members, but it was obligatory love for Stalin, heated every day by a seal. The recognition of the party program is replaced by an explanation of the love of Stalin.

You are a renegade who has broken with yesterday, who has betrayed the work of Lenin. You solemnly proclaimed the slogan of promoting new cadres. But how many of these young nominees are already rotting in your dungeons? How many of them did you shoot, Stalin?

With the cruelty of a sadist, you beat up the shots that are useful and necessary for the country. They seem dangerous to you from the point of view of your personal dictatorship.

On the eve of the war, you are destroying the Red Army, the love and pride of the country, the stronghold of its might. You beheaded the Red Army and the Red Fleet. You killed the most talented commanders, brought up in the experience of world and civil wars, led by the brilliant marshal Tukhachevsky.

You destroyed the heroes of the civil war, who transformed the Red Army with the latest military technology and made it invincible.

At the moment of the greatest military danger, you continue to exterminate the leaders of the army, middle commanders and junior commanders.

Where is Marshal Blucher? Where is Marshal Egorov?

You arrested them, Stalin.

To calm agitated minds, you are deceiving the country, because the Red Army, weakened by arrests and executions, has become even stronger.

Knowing that the law of military science requires unity of command in the army from the commander-in-chief to the platoon commander, you resurrected the institute of military commissars, which arose at the dawn of the Red Army and Red Fleet, when we did not yet have our own commanders, and above the military specialists of the old army needed political control.

Not trusting the red commanders, you introduce diarchy into the Army and destroy military discipline.

Under the pressure of the Soviet people, you hypocritically reveal the cult of historical Russian heroes: Alexander Nevsky and Dmitry Donskoy, Suvorov and Kutuzov, hoping that in a future war they will help you more than executed marshals and generals.

Taking advantage of the fact that you do not trust anyone, real Gestapo agents and Japanese intelligence successfully catch fish in muddy, agitated water, throwing false documents to you in abundance that defame the very best, talented and honest people.

In the rotten atmosphere created by you, suspicion, mutual distrust, universal investigation and the omnipotence of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, which you gave to the mercy of the Red Army and the whole country, any “intercepted” document is believed - or pretends to believe - as indisputable evidence.

Slipping false documents to the agents of Yezhov, compromising honest mission workers, the “internal line” of the ROVS1 in the person of Captain Voss succeeded in defeating our embassy in Bulgaria - from the driver M. I. Kazakov to the military attache V. T. Sukhorukov.

You destroy one by one the most important conquest of October. Under the guise of fighting labor turnover, you abolished the freedom of labor, enslaved Soviet workers, attaching them to factories and plants. You destroyed the economic organism of the country, disorganized industry and transport, undermined the authority of the director, engineer and master, accompanying the endless mess of displacements and appointments with arrests and harassment of engineers, directors and workers as "hidden, not yet exposed pests."

By making normal work impossible, under the guise of combating the “absenteeism” and “tardiness” of the working people, you force them to work with scourges and scorpions of cruel and anti-proletarian decrees.

Your inhuman reprisals make the life of the Soviet workers unbearable, who for the slightest offense with a wolf passport are fired from their jobs and expelled from the apartment.

The working class with selfless heroism carried the burden of hard work and malnutrition, hunger, meager wages, housing cravings and the lack of necessary goods. He believed that you led to socialism, but you deceived his trust. He hoped that with the victory of socialism in our country, when the dream of the bright minds of mankind about the great brotherhood of people came true, everyone would live happily and easily.

You have even taken away this hope: you declared that socialism has been built to the end. And the workers asked each other with a puzzled, whispering voice: "If this is socialism, then what did you fight for, comrades?"

Perverting Lenin's theory about the dying out of the state, how you have perverted the whole theory of Marxism-Leninism, you promise to retain the power of the GPU, even under communism, through the mouth of your illiterate home-grown “theoreticians” who occupied the vacant places of Bukharin, Kamenev and Lunacharsky.

You have taken away any incentive to work from collective farm peasants. Under the guise of fighting "squandering collective farm land," you are ruining homestead plots to make the peasants work on collective farm fields. Organizer of hunger, rudeness and cruelty of illegible methods that distinguish your tactics, you did everything to discredit in the eyes of the peasants the Leninist idea of ​​collectivization.

Hypocritically proclaiming the intelligentsia the “salt of the earth,” you have deprived the work of a writer, scientist, and painter a minimum of inner freedom. You have squeezed the art in a vice, from which it suffocates, withers and dies out. The fury of censorship intimidated by you and the understandable timidity of the editors, who are responsible for everything with their heads, led to the ossification and paralysis of Soviet literature. The writer can not be printed, the playwright can not put the play on the stage of the theater, the critic can not express his personal opinion, not marked by the official stamp.

You are stifling Soviet art, demanding that it courtly look-alike, but it prefers to remain silent, so as not to sing “hosanna” to you. You spread pseudo-art, which with annoying monotony glorifies your notorious “genius”, which has drunk on teeth.

The worthless clowns glorify you as a demigod, "born of the Moon and the Sun," and you, as an oriental despot, enjoy the incense of coarse flattery.

You ruthlessly exterminate talented, but you personally disliked Russian writers. Where is Boris Pilnyak? Where is Sergey Tretyakov? Where is Alexander Arosev? Where is Mikhail Koltsov? Where is Tarasov Rodionov? Where is Galina Serebryakova, guilty of being a wife of Sokolnikov?

You arrested them, Stalin.

Following Hitler, you resurrected the burning of medieval books.

I saw with my own eyes the huge lists of books being sent to the Soviet libraries, subject to immediate and unconditional destruction. When I was plenipotentiary in Bulgaria, then in 1937 in the list of doomed fire literature I received, I found my book of historical memories “Kronstadt and Peter in 1917”. Against the names of many authors it appeared: “To destroy all books, brochures, portraits”.

You have deprived Soviet scientists, especially in the field of the humanities, a minimum of freedom of scientific thought, without which the creative work of a scientist becomes impossible.

Self-confident ignorant intrigues, squabbles and harassment do not allow to work in laboratories, universities and institutes.

Outstanding Russian scientists of world renown - academicians Ipatiev and Chichibabin, you proclaimed to the whole world “defaulters”, naively thinking to defame them, but disgraced only yourself, bringing to the notice of the whole country and world public opinion a shameful fact for your regime that the best scientists run from your “paradise”, leaving you with your blessings: an apartment, a car, a lunch card in the Sovnarkomovskaya canteen.

You are exterminating talented Russian scientists.

Where is the best designer of Soviet airplanes, Tupolev? You have not even spared him. You arrested Tupolev, Stalin!

There is no area, there is no corner where you could safely do your favorite thing. The theater director, a wonderful director, an outstanding art worker Vsevolod Meyerhold was not involved in politics. But you also arrested Meyerhold, Stalin.

Knowing that with our poverty in human resources every cultural and experienced diplomat is especially valuable, you lured almost all Soviet plenipotentiaries to Moscow one by one. You destroyed the entire apparatus of the People’s Commissariat of Foreign Affairs.

Destroying everywhere and everywhere the golden fund of our country, its young cadres, you exterminated talented and promising diplomats in the prime of life.

In the terrible hour of military danger, when the edge of fascism is directed against the Soviet Union, when the struggle for Danzig and the war in China is only preparing a springboard for future intervention against the USSR, when the main object of German-Japanese aggression is our Homeland, when the only way to prevent war is open the entry of the Union of Soviets into the International Bloc of Democratic States, the earliest conclusion of a military and political alliance with England and France, you hesitate, wait and swing, like a pendulum, between two "axes".

In all calculations of your foreign and domestic policy, you do not start out of love for the Motherland, which is alien to you, but of animal fear of losing personal power. Your unprincipled dictatorship, like a rotten deck, lies across the road of our country. “Father of Nations”, you betrayed the defeated Spanish revolutionaries, abandoned them to the mercy of fate and provided care for them to other states. Generous life saving is not in your principles. Woe to the vanquished! You don't need them anymore.

European workers, intellectuals, artisans fleeing from fascist barbarism, you indifferently let death, slamming the door of our country before them, which in its vast expanses can hospitably shelter many thousands of immigrants.

Like all Soviet patriots, I worked, closing my eyes to many things. I was silent for too long. It was difficult for me to break the last ties not with your doomed regime, but with the remnants of the old Leninist party, in which I spent nearly 30 years, and you defeated it in three years. It was painfully painful for me to lose my homeland.

The farther, the more the interests of your personal dictatorship come into continuous conflict with the interests of the workers, peasants, intellectuals, with the interests of the whole country, over which you are tormented as a tyrant, seizing upon sole power.

Your social base is narrowing every day. In the convulsive search for support, you hypocritically squander compliments to “non-party Bolsheviks”, create privileged groups one after another, shower them with mercies, feed them with handouts, but are not able to guarantee the new “caliphs for an hour” not only their privileges, but even the right to life.

Your crazy orgy can not last long. Endless list of your crimes. The list of your victims is endless, there is no possibility to list them.

Рано или поздно советский народ посадит вас на скамью подсудимых как предателя социализма и революции, главного вредителя, подлинного врага народа, организатора голода и судебных подлогов.

17 августа 1939 г.

Открывая новые страницы… Международные вопросы: события и люди / Сост. Н. В. Popov - M .: Politizdat, 1989. - p. 313–320.

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