"Today I will whack ..."

"Good day! I am the king, my dear "

“Damn it, the executioner and a glass of vodka! Vodka to me, the rest to him. ”

“Not guilty! Ancestors are to blame! Great-grandfathers, great-grandmothers, grand-uncles and aunts are different, forefathers, well, and great-mothers! ”

“As an honorable saint, honorable great martyr, honorary pope of our kingdom, I proceed to the sacrament of the rite”

“Today I will be cruel. Fun, good-naturedly, with all sorts of innocuous antics. Cook the dishes, the plates: I'll beat it all. Remove the barn bread: I will set the barn on fire. ”

“My grandfather woke up on the maternal side. He was a sissy. At the slightest misfortune he died down, did nothing, hoped for the best. When he was strangled by his own wife, his beloved, he stood beside him and tried to persuade: be patient, maybe it will cost! Good boy!"

“I was awakened in me by an aunt, which everyone could convince of anything. The poor thing was married eighteen times, not counting her light hobbies. ”

"What is ... Why are you alive, you brave!"

“Retinue ... Look for something in the first-aid kit ... Lost consciousness, only feelings remained ... Thin ... Hardly definable ... Whether you want music-colors, or you want to kill someone. I feel vaguely, something wrong happened, and there is nothing to look at in the face of reality ”

"The executioner was taken away, the gendarmes were taken away! ... They scared! ... You pigs, not loyal subjects!"

“I have poison in store. Yesterday I tested it on my partner. The cards were played ... The beauty of what it is! He died and did not notice! "

"Cattle, uniform!"

"I got the reins under the mantle!"

“My daughter acts like all normal people! She is in trouble - she is firing at anyone! My daughter is growing! ”

“We will fulfill the request, especially since I can overhear at the keyhole”

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