Recognized classic of Russian literature Mikhail Zoshchenko

“I do not need your indulgence — neither your Druzin, nor your scolding and shouts. I am more than tired. I will accept any other fate than the one I have, ”- from Zoshchenko's speech to the Moscow literary authorities in the mid-1950s.

Mikhail Zoshchenko at the age of 3 years

Little Mikhail Mikhailovich with sisters

Mikhail Zoshchenko while studying at the gymnasium

Mikhail Zoshchenko. Student record of the Imperial University

Mikhail Zoshchenko participated in the First World War

Zoshchenko at the front

After the October Revolution, Zoshchenko went over to the side of Soviet power.

In the early 20s, Michal Mikhailovich tried himself in many professions. At the same time, he began to write, and by the mid-20s he became one of the most popular writers. In the photo, Mikhail Zoshchenko at the meeting of the Serapion Brothers literary circle

Mikhail Zoshchenko. 1923. Photo by Boris Ignatovich

Mikhail Zoshchenko. Photo from the album, compiled by Alexei Kruchenykh

Mikhail Kalinin presents Mikhail Zoshchenko with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor

Mikhail Zoshchenko, 1930s

The edge of his satirical works directed against ignorance, petty bourgeois selfishness, cruelty, opportunism and other human vices.

His relationship with the government has always been complicated. In 1946, after the publication of his story “The Adventures of the Monkey” in the magazine “Star”, the “Decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU (B)” is published, after which the real persecution of the writer begins. He was expelled from the Writers' Union, and restored only after the death of Stalin.

The last years of his life the writer spent at the cottage in Sestroretsk. In the spring of 1958, Zoshchenko was poisoned with nicotine, which caused a brief spasm of brain vessels: speech was difficult, he stopped recognizing others, and in July of that year, the playwright died from acute heart failure.

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